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CON: Captain's Council Rewrite

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# Membership. The CC shall be composed at all times of all the following officers :## Those .; # The CC shall allow at all times all individuals # Those who have formally been officially frocked with the rank of commander, access to all votes and debate of its deliberations on any matter. ;# The CC shall also allow at all times all individuals # Those who hold the position of "First Officer" aboard a ship in the group, access to .# Voting rights. While all votes those gathered may view and debate deliberate in discussions, voting rights are bestowed in the following manner: ## To anyone actively commanding a vessel who has achieved the rank of its deliberations on any matter.captain goes 1 vote;# The CC shall make clear to # To anyone with the officers mentioned in sections 2 and 3 that while they may feel free to comment rank of Commander or participate the position of First Officer goes 1 vote, except in any debate or discussion, they may not vote on any votes of the following matters:
#* Passing of Bylaws, Regulations, Procedures, or Rules
#* Discipline of officers
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