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[[Image:Karawati.jpg|right|thumb| ''Karawati is often perceived as Betazed herself ([ Source])'']]
'''Karawati''' or '''Sarawati''' (or the mother of Rixx, the lifestone of Krysaros) is the ancient symbol of purity, hearth and unity of the [[Betazoid]] people. Rixx is an influential figure in Betazoid history and his story is told in many different ways. This would both tie him to Krysaros, a certain powerful figure in his own right who gave Rixx the instruments he used to unify the planet, and the houses themselves. Krysaros was thought to be Karawati's brother in many occasions. However, in other sects, she is believed to be his wife. At any rate, the believers of Karawati are not limited to any one scenario but do have some of the basic ways of thinking.

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