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SIM:LtCmdr Rogg: Counselor, guerrilla

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''The events in this SIM occurred before and on stardate 239006.26''<br>
''This transcription encompasses three separate posts, "Counselor, guerrilla", "Overheard and ignored, down in the deck once more", and "Never look run".
<nowiki>::</nowiki> Rogg had been about to depart, not looking forward to a redundant trek down into the belly of Discovery. However, a familiar noise drew the Dachlyd to once more observe the Bridge. <nowiki>::</nowiki>
<nowiki>::</nowiki> The bridge was much darker than when Rogg looked at it a few minutes ago. Also, Tyr Waltas was on it, though not in his customary chair. Also he was armed. Rogg knew from experience that once the Captain bothered arming himself, Tyr would have little hesitation from attack. Sure enough - he aimed at [[Ghyurn|Ghyurn]] and fired a long burst of heavy stun, knocking the [[Gorn |Gorn]] backward over the back of the Captain's chair and to the floor. He turned the phaser on the monks, his voice taking on a determined edge which only intensified Rogg's trepidation. <nowiki>::</nowiki>
'''WALTAS''': I've activated the self-destruct sequence, Ishtahr. One word from me and I'll send you to meet your deity personally.
'''ISHTAHR''': <nowiki>::</nowiki>sternly<nowiki>::</nowiki> Enough, Brother Samael. Perhaps you need to pray and reflect an extra hour on the Psalms of Ifteq tonight.
'''WALTAS''': <nowiki>::</nowiki>Turning to '''ISHTAHR'''Ishtahr<nowiki>::</nowiki> You bastard! Not even YOU could be that cruel.
oO Reflecting on psalms must be really bad? Oo
<nowiki>::</nowiki> The only upshot was that no one seemed to hear Rogg cursing openly. The Dachlyd turned about to make a long and unpleasant scuttle down to the Brig. <nowiki>::</nowiki>
oO Alright. Depose the Captain to Tyr's face -- &#151; I owe Tyr that much. Then make certain the Warp Core is neutralized. Though might neutralizing the invaders be simpler? Well, time enough for that later. First to the Waltas family. Oo
<nowiki>::</nowiki> Rogg had many matters to mull over and muse upon. Apparently [[Ba'ku |Ba'ku]] children matured faster than Rogg knew, for one. And if Rogg had to forcibly depose Tyr it was going to be unpleasant. <nowiki>::</nowiki>

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