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Alexander Richards/Family

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:'''Over''' the next {{age|2345|8|15|2360|9|7}} years, the couple would spend their days working hard in their respective fields and their nights romantically in each others arms. Michael rose steadily through his chosen field becoming one of many foremen working for the Chicago Urban Rejuvenation Authority. He was now responsible for multiple projects including the extension of the hospital his wife worked at. On S.D. 236009.07, Maria gave birth to the couples first and only Child, Marissa. Unfortunately, Michael was unable to take much time off beyond the birth itself owing to the importance of his job, and the need for his current projects to be finished on time. This would lead to issues bonding with his daughter.
;:'''By''' 2377''', Michael had managed to build a strong bond with his daughter. The preceding {{age|2360|9|7|2377|4|14}} had been arduous but by taking a strong interest in his daughters past times and education she had come to love him. He was at her high school graduation where you would have been hard pressed to find any parent who was more humbled and proud of their child achievement. He relayed to his daughter just how proud he was. This would be the last time Michael saw his daughter before being called away to his final job. A construction company in Europe had taken a massive interest in Michael's work and approached the Chicago Urban Rejuvenation Authority about hiring his services. Michael agreed terms with the construction company and left just 24 hours after the ceremony. Tragically on S.D. 237711.21, Michael Dawson lost his life trying to save fellow construction workers during a massive fire at his work site. Thirty three other men and women were lost that day but countless others were save by his actions. A memorial plaque was added to the completed site in his honor following completion in 2380.
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