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Alexander Richards/Family

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[[image:Michael_Dawson.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Michael Dawson]]
*'''Full Name''': Michael Dawson*'''Race''':Terran*'''Date of Birth''':232005.15*'''Deceased''': 237711.21*'''Place of Birth''':Montreal, Canada*'''Age''':{{age|2320|5|15|2377|11|21}} at time of death*'''Gender''':Male *'''Occupation''':Structural Engineer (until death)
: Enter information here'''Michael Dawson''' was born to Richard and Janet Dawson (nee Parsons) on the 15th of May 2320. He spent the majority of his early life growing up a shy, introverted young man in a leafy suburb of Montreal. He developed an interest in model building at an early age and his parents would obtain various kits for him to play around with, his most treasured of which was a 1:32 scale model of the USS Enterprise NCC - 1701 - B. Michael's personality issues made schooling the young child near impossible with his parents deciding to go the route of home schooling. On his {{age|2320|5|15|2330|5|15}}th birthday, with his personality problems not showing any improvement, it was decided that Michael should receive counseling. Very little progress was made at first but, by the age of {{age|2320|5|15|2335|1|20}}, Michael had become much more extrovert. He was able to make friends and enjoy a normal teenage life.<br>:'''Rather''' than attend high school, Michael applied for and was accepted on to a civilian apprenticeship scheme run by the Starfleet core of engineers (SCE.) During this apprenticeship, Michael was taught about the theory of structural engineering a
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