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Duty Post Awards
* '''The Black Cross''' (Intelligence): This award is given to a member of the Intelligence community that strives to accomplish the goals of Starfleet Intelligence, while simultaneously upholding the ideals and structure of Starfleet command. This person has the cunning to gather intelligence by means of deceptive dialogue or espionage, as opposed to force drawn confessions. While matters of intelligence are often game changers, this person strives to attain those goals within the boundaries of their Commanding Officer, and the regulations of Starfleet. ''Eligible Positions: (Intelligence Officer, Deputy Director, Field Agent, Crypto/Intelligence Analyst, Director, Engineering/Demolition Officer, Extraction Team Leader, Infiltration Specialist, Insertion/Extraction Specialist, Principal Private Secretary, Staff Operations Officer)''
* '''Civilian/Diplomat Award Name PendingThe Lwaxana Troi Medallion''' (Civilian/Diplomat): ''Eligible Positions: (Diplomatic Officer, Hist. / Archaelogical Spec, Administrative Officer, Bartender, Deputy Administrative Officer, Deputy Chief of Mission, General Envoy, Guest, Son/Daughter of Capt.)''

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