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Thunder-A Deck Layout/Main Engineering

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Although the section isn’t exactly what it says on the tin, some of the Engineers on the Thunder-A have at some point been involved in technology research at Utopia Planitia. Using the resources and multiple opinions available to them, the Engineers on board are able to carry on research into a wide variety of deep space systems, including advancements in the LCARS system and an experimental EEH (Emergency Engineering Hologram).
Continued research into these systems has not had a direct benefit on the Ronin Thunder as of yet. No advancements have been made as much of the research hasn’t left the library. However, they’re forever hopeful.
Typical crew compliment in Main Engineering consists of twenty engineers and forty technicians of various grades. During Red or Yellow Alert, that number is increased. Perhaps a single fact about the Ronin Thunder is the senior ‘team’ they have, unlike other departments. Due to Engineering being such a vast department, it seemed necessary to have subsection departmental heads, working effectively. It hasn’t failed yet.
===Chief Engineer's Office=== The current ''Chief Engineer's Office comprises of several different displays around the room in accordance with different systems on board the Thunder. Here, the Chief Engineer''' can see what is going on in the maintenance and the basic running of the ship. It is a room where the CEO can work privately. It is decoratorable, as is [[Mc Gheeall others, Jaxon|Jaxon Mc Ghee]]with whatever is personal to the occupier.
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