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Alexander Richards/Family

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: Gary Joseph Richards was born to Martin Richards and Emily Richards (nee Steadman) on the fifteenth of May, 2329. He spent most of his early life growing up in Chicago. With his father being a Science officer on the USS Tycho (an Oberth class Star ship) and his mother a teacher, he gained an avid fascination with the sciences. Gary was a quick learner and by the age of 10 already knew the periodic table of the elements by heart. Although he only saw his father twice in his first 10 years of life, he was able to keep in touch with him through subspace on a regular basis. His father's work was a constant inspiration to Gary to strive for the best. At {{age|2329|5|14|2344|7|12}} years old, his mother moved him to New York with her so that he could be around some of the best scientific learning and research facilities outside of Star Fleet.
: Gary's high school years were very uninteresting. He would have several short courtships with various girls in New York but none that were at any risk of becoming serious. For this reason he earned himself a reputation as a bit of a ladies man. He continued to study incredibly hard despite the occasional distraction of these romantic flings and graduated from high school at the top of his class at the age of {{age|2329|5|14|2348|7|30}}. By this time (mid 2348) his father had been promoted to the rank of commander and was now the first officer of the Tycho. Possibly one of the happiest moments of Gary's life outside of his later marriage to Harriet and the birth of their son Alexander, was when his father surprised him by being at his high school graduation. He had not informed Gary that the Tycho would be home in time from it's latest five year mission studying gaseous phenomenon in the Alpha Quadrant.
: In the autumn of 2348, Gary began his studies into Xenobiology at University. It was here during his first year that he met his future wife, Harriet, at a seminar on <nowiki>'Mixed race species marriages: The hidden dangers.'</nowiki>
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