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Nicholotti, Anya

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Anya is currently stationed under the watchful eye of Captain Nicholotti and Commander Cody on [[StarBase 118 Ops|Starbase 118]]deceased.
=='''Character Information'''==
Mostly made of Kali herself, the holomatrix double is loyal, almost to a fault, to both Kali and the crew that Kali cares so much for. While somewhat more aggressive, rash, and blunt (leading back to the 'time is short' thing), she carries with her all of the good aspects of her 'twin'. Together, this makes her eerily similar, but still a different person.
Shortly after her creation, Anya began to suffer from degrading memories. About that same time, carnivorous creatures from another galaxy found their way into the Azure nebula. The events, though distinctly separate, were intertwined, with their focal point being Odyssey station. Anya was soon to learn that she was actually somewhat of a cross between the Greeters that lived and worked on the station, and the human known as Kalianna Nicholotti.
Greeters, who were able to transport through long distances instantly, soon came to 'collect' their new 'sister' and the man, or projection of a man, who had created her without knowing quite how he had created her. They wisked Anya away to Odyssey, with the promise of fixing her memory issues, and the life threatening situation that was behind them. Cody, her creator, learned that his body on Starbase 118 was only an empty 'Greeter' shell, and his consiousness was being projected from the location of his real body, inside Odyssey station.
Once aboard Odyssey, Anya felt as if she were being talked in circles as the Greeters refused to grant her any real answers. Finally, fully frustrated and almost at an end, she suddenly let go of her physical form and transcended the thoughts that had bound her there. Her coding, or that which created what she was, immediately was restored, along with her memories, allowing her to connect mentally with the other Greeters to share their knowledge.
Eventually, the crew of Starbase 118, including her Twin, Kalianna Nicholotti, arrived on Odyssey to take them home. Though the Greeters told her she would be better off staying there, they gave her the choice to return home and lose most of the knowledge gained aboard Odyssey, as well as much of the knowledge she had been 'born' with from Kali's mind, or remain on Odyssey and join the Greeters in their nearly infinite existence. Anya chose to return home and was immediately transported to a small room with the unconscous body of David Cody and a massive headache.
Though rescued by the crew of Ops, Anya continues to suffer from severe headaches and other muscle pains throughout her body. She remembers very little, other than that which she experienced first hand since the day of her 'birth'. She has no idea, but when she chose to leave the Greeters, they accelerated the human DNA within her structure, enabling it to fill in the gaps where Greeter code remained. Though it would take time, the ultimate end was that Anya would become a full and complete human when the metamorphasis was done. As of now, however, the pain she suffers continues to be an enigma to both medical and science staff aboard Starbase 118.
=='''Professional History:'''==
*238909.17 - Created on [[StarBase 118 Ops]]
*239007.23 - Presumed dead due to [[Anya Counting the Stars|DNA mishap]] after the Greeters attempted to turn her fully human.

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