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D'ciq, Askade

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Askade, was born on the homeworld, Her parents were killed in the Klingon Civil War, against the House Of Duras, the Klingon Traitor.
Hidden from the rival house, transported to earth, and rasied as an orphan. Until adopted by former Starfleet medical officer and her husband. Askade knows the ways of her homeworld, but acts with human ways. She will point out a solution to a problem. Askade is trained as a combat medic, security and tactical officer. She will fight to the death, but will try to save a life before taking it. In the Academy her major was medicine, and her minor was tactical. She can handle both duties if need be. She can be very harsh, and sarcastic, but will watch what she says, and be very proper, and devoted to her duty. Askade during her childhood had dental surgery to her teeth so she could talk, and sound more human. This was due to her classmates teasing her. Her mother Meghan Dale did not want this to take place, but her love for Askade made her go along with the request. Askade loves animals. Her one affection is her dog, Audie. Named after the World War II hero. Audie L. Murphy, the most decorated soldier in american military history. After many years, Askade had finally come face to face with the murderer of her birth parents. The Klingon traitor, B'vert. On the planet of Vador III, while on a rescue mission, she and B'vert fought in a one on one battle to the death. The battle raged around them until there was one fatal blow and the demon of her past was sent to meet Fek'lhr at the gates of Gre'Thor.

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