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{{ShipCharSum|Align=center|Ship=USS Drake|ShipClass=Miranda|ShipReg=NCC-1987|CO1-First=William|CO1-Last=Rogers|Color=Violet|FirstName=Valis}}'''Commander [[|CurrentPost=Chief Diplomatic Officer|Image=Valis]]'''-Violet.jpg|StartDate=Simmed November 5th, 2012|EndDate=June 17th, 2013|Summary=A mother, a scientist, a diplomat, and a [[Vulcan]] female, Valis began her career as a Science Officer aboard the ''[[USS Ronin|<font color=white>USS Ronin</font>]]''. She then transfered transferred to Communications in order to more directly work through difficulties she had working with [[Thelev, Jhen|<font color=white>Jhen Thelev</font>]]. Upon solving those difficulties, she transferred back to Science. Her time on the ''[[USS Ronin|<font color=white>Ronin</font>]]'' concluded when she was transferred to the ''[[USS Endeavour-A|<font color=white>USS Endeavour-A</font>]]'' to server as her Chief Science Officer. Sometime later, Captain [[Macarius, Geoffrey|<font color=white>Macarius</font>]] noted her penchant for conflict resolution and moved her to serve as the head of his Diplomatic Department. She served admirably in the ''[[USS Endeavour-A|<font color=white>Endeavour</font>]]'s'' s dealings with the Gorn until her transfer to the same post aboard the ''[[USS Drake|<font color=white>USS Drake</font>]]''.She continues to seek IDIC, and more than that, inner peace, through the service of the greater good.}}{{LCARS-Sidebar| Style = FC| Color = Violet| FirstName = Valis| Rank = Commander| Post = Chief Diplomatic Officer| Ship = USS Drake| ShipImage = Nav-drake.jpg| Image = Valis-Violet.jpg| UserName = James T. Kolk| ShipReg = NCC-1987| Extra={{(!}}{{!}}colspan=2 align=center{{!}}<small>[[List of Awards|Awards]] & [[Service Ribbons]]</small>{{(!}}border=1 style="background:#{{FCBGColor|Violet}}; border:thin white solid;"{{!}}{{crop|Vulcan Idic symbol by Balsavor.jpg|100|30|15}}{{!}}{{Ribbons|Russ Bar|100|1}}{{!)}}{{!)}}----{{Kolk}}}}
==StatsPersonnel File==* '''Full {{LCARS-PersonnelFile|Color=Violet|Name''': =Valis, daughter of Kiran & T'Kol* '''|Race''': [[=Vulcan]]* '''Date of Birth''': 233704.|Rank=Commander|BirthYear=2337|BirthMonth=04|BirthDay=21* '''Place of Birth''': |BirthPlace=Outskirts of Vulcinis, Han-Shir province, Vulcan* '''|Gender''': =Female* '''Telepathic status''': [ |TeleRating=T3]|IDNumber=LZ-916-654|Clearance==Appearance==B2-L4* '''|Height''': =5'9"* '''|Weight''': =135 lblbs.* '''Hair Color''': |HairColor=Black* '''Length of Hair''': Vulcan* '''Eye Color''': |EyeColor=Green* '''|Skin Tone''': =Light* '''Birthmarks, Scars''': None* '''|Build''': =Slight* '''|Face''': =Placid* '''Eyes''': Two* '''Mouth''': One* '''Arms''': Two* '''Legs''': Two* '''|Carriage''': =Perfect Vulcan Posture at all times* '''Taste in Clothing (when off duty)''': |Cloths=Practical* '''|Shoes''': =Starfleet issue* '''|Voice''': =Even* |Handed=Right|Father=Kiran|Mother=T'Kol|Married=Yes|Spouse=Soval|Children=Yes|Daughter1=T'Lana|GodDaughter=T'HandednessRau, daughter of T''': RightNar}}
* '''Mental problems (complexes and phobias)''': Slight emotional difficulties working with [[Thelev, Jhen|Jhen Thelev]]
* '''Physical Limitations''': She's only Vulcan...
* '''Marital Status''': Mated
** '''Mate''': Soval
** '''Daughter''': T'Lana
* '''Father''': Kiran
* '''Mother''': T'Kol
* '''Siblings''': None
* '''Godchild''': T'Rau, daughter of T'Nar
==Professional History==
* '''Current Rank''': Commander
* '''Current Assignment''': [[USS Drake|''USS Drake'' NCC-1897]]LOA* '''Duty PostCurrent Location''': Chief Diplomatic OfficerPlanet Vulcan
{| border='2' cellspacing='0'
!colspan="3" style="background:purple; max-width:800px;" align="center"|<center><font color=#efe576>Professional History</font></center>
{| border='1' cellspacing='0'
!style="background:#9F00C5;width:120px;"|<font color=#efe576>'''Insignia'''</font>
!style="background:#9F00C5;width:120px;"|<font color=#efe576>'''Rank'''</font>
!style="background:#9F00C5;width:160px140px;"|<font color=#efe576>'''Dates'''</font>!style="background:#9F00C5;width:135px115px;"|<font color=#efe576>'''Assignment'''</font>!style="background:#9F00C5;width:265px185px;"|<font color=#efe576>'''Post'''</font>
!style="background:#ffffff;"|238911.05 - Present239006.17
!style="background:#ffffff;"|''[[USS Drake]]''
!style="background:white;" colspan="2"|Vulcan Scientific Legion of Honor
!style="background:white;" rowspan="2"|236102.23
!style="background:white;" rowspan="2"|[[ShirKahr]], [[Vulcan (planet)|Vulcan]]
!style="background:white;" rowspan="2"|Awarded concurrently for development of a long-elusive proof exploring the mathematical relationship between subspace fluctuations and aberrations in the life-cycles of stars.
!style="background:white;"|''Kol-Ut-Shan '' (IDIC) Award|-!style="background:lightgrey;"|[[Image:Awards General RussBar 2011.jpg|130px]]!style="background:white;"|[[List_of_Awards|The Russ Bar]]!style="background:white;"|2390!style="background:white;"|''[[USS Drake]]''!style="background:white;"|Awarded to a writer whose knowledge of ''Trek'' lore is extraordinary. Named for Tim Russ, the actor who played Tuvok on ''Star Trek: Voyager'', who was already a dedicated ''Star Trek'' fan before securing the role on the show.
# * '''233704.21''': Born - Vulcinis, Han-Shir province, Vulcan.# * '''235501.01''': Began studies at the [[Vulcan Science Academy]], [[ShirKahr]].# * '''235911.17''': Published first paper on the quantum mechanics of stellar drift.# * '''236004.21''': Joined crew of the science vessel ''USS Surak'' as a civilian scientist on a mission to study a newly discovered Class G, Magnitude +10 star.# * '''236101.12''': Published award-winning paper proving a mathematical relationship between subspace fluctuations and aberrations in the life-cycles of stars.# * '''236102.23''': Awarded both the Vulcan Scientific Legion of Honor and the ''Kol-Ut-Shan'' (IDIC) Award.# * '''236103.01''': Began the ''Kolinahr'' on Vulcan.# * '''236110.14''': Failed to attain ''Kolinahr'' and left Vulcan for Earth to enlist in [[Academy Library|Starfleet Academy]].# * '''236209.01''': Began studies at the [[Academy Library|Academy]].# * '''236706.05''': Graduated as 4th in Class - Majored in Science: Physics & Astronomy, Minored in Engineering.# * '''236706.06''': Assigned to ''[[USS Ronin]]'' as Science Officer.# * '''238405.02''': Transfered to Communications Officer. Direct Supervisor: Lt. [[Thelev, Jhen|Jhen Thelev]].# * '''238411.26''': Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade by Lt. [[Kolk, Jackford|Jackford Kolk]].# * '''238503.31''': Transfered to Science Officer.# * '''238612.11''': Promoted to full Lieutenant by LtCmdr. [[Kolk, Jackford|Jackford Kolk]].# * '''238702.18''': Gave birth to T'Lara, her first daughter, on Planet Vulcan.# * '''238707.01''': Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and transferred to Chief Science Officer of the ''[[USS Endeavour-A]]''.# * '''238810.06''': Transferred to Chief Diplomatic Officer.# * '''238908.01''': Promoted to full Commander by Captain [[Macarius, Geoffrey|Geoffrey Macarius]].* '''238911.05''': Transferred to Chied Diplomatic Officer aboard the ''[[USS Drake]]''.* '''239006.17''': Requested leave of absence for personal reasons; returned to Vulcan.
==[[Kolk, Jackford|Jackford Kolk]]==
Valis was assigned to the ''[[USS Ronin|Ronin]]'' at the same time as was Jack. They had also been at Starfleet Academy, Earth Campus, together, although they had little direct interaction while there. They were assigned quarters in close proximity to one another while thereon the ''[[USS Ronin|Ronin]]'', and Jack displayed a peculiar interest in Valis' relationship with Jhen; he seemed to find it... amusing. This perplexed Valis, though she never discussed it with him directly.
Once, during a shipboard catastrophe, she and Jack were trapped in a turbolift together. This incident helped to cement their friendship. Jack eventually began encouraging Valis to be more sociable, which Valis found valuable. This social tutoring continued once he become First Officer of the ''[[USS Ronin|Ronin]]'' and resumed once he and Valis were reunited on the ''[[USS Endeavour-A]]''. This again aided Valis in her endeavors to seek IDIC through amicable relations with members of every species.
Valis was honored to become ''en-ahr-at'' (roughly translated "godparent") of a friend's daughter. During the child's ''[[SIM: Lt.JG Valis - Ahm-van-kal|Ahm-van-kal]]'' (naming) ceremony, Valis melded with the child, who revealed that her name was T'Rau, from the word ''terau'' which means to fasten. In the process Valis saw both the tiny hands of the preborn child clasping one another while in her mother's womb, and - taken from her own mind but altered by the child's - the claw of a bird of prey clasped onto the Sphere & Triangle of the IDIC. From that moment on, both women's lives were forever changed. That experience forever augmented Valis' already burgeoning penchant for peacemaking, which no doubt led Captain [[Macarius, Geoffrey|Macarius]] to note these tendencies and make her his Chief Diplomatic Officer, a vital position aboard a ship assigned to a foreign galactic power's border.
*'''Ensign'''**'''[[SIM: JP - Ensign Karynn Ehlanii and Ensign Valis - Musical Counseling|Ens. Karynn Ehlanii & Ens. Valis: "Musical Counseling"]]'''*'''Lieutenant J.G.'''**'''[[SIM: JP: Lt. Jackford Kolk & Lt.JG Valis - Home|Lt. Jackford B. Kolk & Lt. J.G. Valis: "Home"]]'''**'''[[SIM: Lt.JG Valis - Dark Night of A Logical Soul|Lt. J.G. Valis: "Dark Night of A Logical Soul"]]'''**'''[[SIM: JP: Lt. Jackford Kolk & LtJG. Valis - A Little Cestus Festivus|"A Little Cestus Festivus"]]'''**'''[[SIM: Lt.JG Valis - Ahm-van-kal|Lt. J.G. Valis: "''Ahm-van-kal''"]]'''  
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