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Apollo Deck Layout/The Dark Room

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*The Dark Room is an intelligence sensitive data fault designed to serve an intel operative aboard a starship. Coined by Lt. Viktor Lanius aboard the [[USS Apollo]], the room has served multiple purposes since its conception, and has many upgrades and customizations to fit his needs. The room features a double door entry port, along with finger print and voice recognition algorithms. The computer, which has been codenamed JanusJANUS(Joint Analytical Network for Unified Strategy), acts more as Lanius's personal assistant to which he can pull out and categorize any amount of data either within or outside of SFI. All transactions of information are coded and sent to SFI for security logs, so that there is a supreme checks and balances system.
=='''Security Measures'''==
** The four walls of the simple room house all the tools of the trade. Holoemitters placed all around the room allow for data to be displayed virtually anywhere, accessible through any of the rooms 6 consoles. In the center of the room, a islnad of sorts housing consoles and a viewing platforms, as well as data storage terminals and information nodes rises up upon entry of the Primary User. When the User exits the room, all surfaces retreat into their holding positions, yeilding the room as a cold black cube with no discernable purpose. Even if someone were to gain entry to the room, they still would not be able to use any of the features inside.
*Color: When offline, Black. When online, usually dark with neon blue lighting, but due to the holoemitters, can be altered to appear any which way.
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