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Apollo Deck Layout/The Dark Room

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=='''Security Measures'''==
*One of the key features of the room, is its innovative security features. If Janus is to recognize a biosignature in the room that has not been pre-approved by SFI, or the Primary User of the room ( in this case, Lanius), each of the rooms 4 giant wall displays and consoles will seal themselves back into the walls. The doors will lock and security teams will be notified, along with the Primary User. All information gathering tools, be it consoles, terminals, or PADDs, wil lbe locked down as well, rendering the room completely useless to the intruder.
* One of the most unique advantages of the room is the independant function of its own computer. Janus is programmed to identify one user, as specified by the Primary User Algorithm that was installed by Viktor Lanius. No others, except in this case the ship's CO, can access the room or its contents without direct order from Lanius himself.

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