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{{Ship Sidebar - Inactive| id="toc" style="margin: 0 0 1em 1em;" align="right"! styleSHIP NAME="background:#ccccff" align="center" | [[USS Isannah]]|REGISTRY=NCC-14988| styleCLASS="font-size: 90%" Nebula|SHIP IMAGE=Endeavour II.png* [http|TEMPLATE NAME=Template://|BODY=?? Current Crew Roster]** [[Isannah Crew History|Crew History]]* [[Isannah Mission Archive-Statistics|Mission Archive]]* [[Craft assigned to Stats - USS Isannah]]* [[Previous ships called Isannah]]* [ Isannah's Website]----}}<centernoinclude>[[TemplateCategory:USS Isannah|Edit this nav]]</centernoinclude>|}

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