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Nicholotti, Anya

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''The Kalianna Nicholotti holomatrix clone has renamed herself 'Anya'. As Kalianna goes often by 'Kali', she decided to go by 'Anna', but adjusted the name to match that of the Nicholotti Grandmother, Anya Natalya, who was in the memories she inherited from Kali on the day of her creation.''
Anya, as she has dubbed herself, was the result of an attempt at creating a holo-double of Captain Nicholotti following a significant threat of assassination. While Commander Cody believed the holomatrix double would simply be a program to be used for the needs of protecting Kali, what actually happened was much more like creating new, sentient life. The creation almost immediately displayed characteristics that hadn't come directly from Kali and it was clear it was already learning and experiencing a different world than the one uploaded to it.

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