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Benton, Thomas

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=='''Character Information'''==
*Full Name: Thomas Hart Benton*Race: Terran*DoB: 236503.01*Age: 25*Gender: Male
*Father: James Hart Benton*Mother: Louisa Mott Benton*Siblings: Virginia Benton Steffes (Sister)*Spouse: Jennifer Hardee Benton (Deceased)
*Height: 6'
*Hair: Brown*Eyes: Blue
Thomas Hart Benton was born and raised in the city of St. Louis. He was influenced by an uncle, who was a retired Starfleet officer, to join Starfleet. After attending local schools, Benton entered Starfleet Academy, graduating from the marine officer's course. On his first assignment, he met a teacher named Virginia Hardee. They fell in love and got married. A year later, they had a daughter, whom they named Ann-Marie. When they'd been married four years, Virginia Benton was killed, unfortunately, in a shuttle plane crash, leaving Benton a widower with a three year-old daughter.
=='''Professional History:'''==
Graduated from Starfleet Academy; commissioned as a 2nd Lt. in SFMC.
*Took further training to be a Peregrine fighter pilot.
*Posted to fighter unit on USS Hood.
*Promoted to 1st Lt.
*Assigned to 118th Mar. Div.
*238909.15 - Assigned to [[StarBase 118 Ops]]

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