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Hannah Martinez

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* '''Spouse:'''
** OPTIONAL: Describtion of spouse/what is the relationship between you and your characters spouse? ===Mother===
* '''Mother:'''
** OPTIONAL: Describtion of mother/how your characters mother impacted your characters life/how is your characters mother today; does she have an occupation?  ===Father=== 
* '''Father:'''
** OPTIONAL: Describtion of father/how your characters father impacted your characters life/how is your characters father today; does he have an occupation? ===Siblings=== 
* '''Siblings:'''
** OPTIONAL ===Children===* '''Children: Describtion ''' Presumably has one child of siblings/how your characters siblings impacted your characters life/how are your characters siblings today; do they have an occupation?her own. Hannah was named godmother to Faith Blake, [[Blake, Skyleena|Sky Blake]]'s only daughter, due to the friendship between the two women.
OPTIONAL: Family history/relationship between your character and your characters family.

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