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Mal Avatar

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The Hidden Andorian Independence Movement and Civilian Life
Officially Captain Avatar was listed as AWOL. In actuality he went undercover as an operative in his father's revolution to secede from the Federation. Avatar would sacrifice his career and safety to destabilize the movement, bringing it to a close before it could begin. Following the closure of the movement, Avatar
Would take an assumed name, Skaresh Thoralev facilitated by his intel connections. He would spend the next five years as a history and diplomatic relations professor. During his civilian years, he would marry and have two children. Only his wife would know of his true identity until 2389.
Only after the final Andorian revolutionary was apprehended by Starfleet Security would Avatar finally begin to reclaim his original identity. It would begin with his relationship with Cadet [[Ra-Uleyra]], one of his students. By 238907, Avatar had reclaimed his identity and applied for re-entry as a Starfleet Officer with the rank of captain.
==Professional Chronology==

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