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Mal Avatar

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The Columbia
===The Columbia===
The Columbia would launch in March of 2381. This would become Avatar's command for over two years. Following the completion of his first mission, Avatar would be promoted to captain. Aboard the Columbia, Avatar would develop close friendships with T`Lea, Tash Zubowskivich, Kwame Alexander, Devina Franks, and C'elest Moranta. In 2383, the Columbia was nearly destroyed and had to be abandoned. After the crew managed to recover the ship, the Columbia was refit at Starbase 118 and the crew transferred to Starbase 118 Operations. ===Starbase 118 Operations===Captain Avatar would relieve Captain Waltas as CO of Ops in the middle of 2383 with the Columbia becoming a support vehicle. Avatar's reign would be shortlived as he was mysteriously removed as commanding o fficer in 238310 without explanation. The base would be temporarily assigned to Captain Tiberius Hannibal before Roar Drawoh would take over the next year.
==Professional Chronology==

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