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Mal Avatar

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The Ilyow
===The Ilyow===
To the outside universe, Commander Avatar spent the day of 238009.29 with the Ilyow people. However, in terms of the memories that he gained, Avatar actually spent seven years as an ambassador to the Ilyow, helping to establish first contact with that race.
===Return to the Victory===
After completing his leave of absence, Commander Avatar returned to the Victory as a more mature and enlightened first officer. He would serve a pair of missions before ultimately taking on his own command, the [[USS Columbia]].
===The Columbia===
The Columbia would launch in March of 2381. This would become Avatar's command for over two years. Following the completion of his first mission, Avatar would be promoted to captain. Aboard the Columbia, Avatar would develop close friendships with T`Lea, Tash Zubowskivich, Kwame Alexander, Devina Franks, and C'elest Moranta.
==Professional Chronology==

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