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Mal Avatar

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Captain Mal Avatar is the former commanding officer of [[StarBase_118_Ops|StarBase 118 Operations]] and the [[USS_Columbia|Columbia]]. He had been a professor at Starfleet Academy briefly served as the Strategic Operations Officer for last several years under the alias Skaresh Thoralev [[StarBase_118_Ops|StarBase 118 Operations]] following his counter-involvement in the Andorian Independence movementreturn from retirement before taking a more permanent position with Starfleet Command.
This character is played by Glenn [[User:Malavatar]].
* '''Past Girlfriends''':
** Cadet Kelinda Darr
** Major/Lt. Colonel [[Stryker, Mellina|M. Stryker]]
** Lieutenant Commander Jenelle Vaughan
==Personal History==
===Early Years===
Son of a Federation Councillor, Kran Belar Avatar and a botanist, Tel VariaAvatar. Belar Kran served for many years at the capital of the UFP but after several disagreements with Federation policy regarding the handling of the Cardassian occupation of Bajor, the alliance with the Klingon Empire, and the entrance of several worlds into the Federation, he resigned his title and returned home. While on Andor, Belar Kran began to discover the less political aspects of life, settled down, and married a young botanist named Tel Varia and had two children.
===Childhood Years===
===Academy Record===
Mal greatly underachieved his freshman and sophomore years at the Academy and was at one point in danger of failing out. He spent way too much time playing ice hockey and did not focus on his studies. It was not until his junior year that Mal began to concentrate on his studies. He began to love piloting starships as well as smaller vessels. This love of flight reinvigorated an old interest in learning and his grades soon showed this. Avatar continued to play hockey leading Star Fleet Academy to its first FCAA championship in 80 years. His final training was the Shabtai meeting under the leadership of Commander [[Cyrce, Medai Kataryn|Medai Cyrce]]. ===The Kodiak-A===Mal's first posting out of Starfleet Academy was aboard the Dauntless Class [[USS Kodiak-A]] under the command of Fleet Captain [[Hollis Calley]]. He served as a reserve HCO and GS50 pilot. It was during this mission that Avatar first impressed Commader [[Hurne, Jordan|Jordan Hurne]] who would later select Avatar to be part of his crew aboard the [[USS Victory]]. Additionally aboard the [[USS Kodiak-A]], Avatar would develop friendships with Heath Story and Nickolas Cicero. ===The Victory===Avatar would serve as the Victory's first Chief Tactical Officer following the split from the Kodiak. He would quickly rise in rank after taking over as Chief Engineer and then first officer. Mal would become close with Megan Parker, Makal Kora, Heath Story, J. Borden Hapgood, and Robin Phoenix. He would also develop a deep loyalty towards Captain Hurne. Late in 2380, Avatar would take a leave of absence to return to the Ilyow in the Lithron System. 
===The Ilyow===
To the outside universe, Commander Avatar spent the day of 238009.29 with the Ilyow people. However, in terms of the memories that he gained, Avatar actually spent seven years as an ambassador to the Ilyow, helping to establish first contact with that race.
===Return to the Victory===After completing his leave of absence, Commander Avatar returned to the Victory as a more mature and enlightened first officer. He would serve a pair of missions before ultimately taking on his own command, the [[USS Columbia]]. ===The Columbia===The Columbia would launch in March of 2381. This would become Avatar's command for over two years. Following the completion of his first mission, Avatar would be promoted to captain. Aboard the Columbia, Avatar would develop close friendships with T`Lea, Tash Zubowskivich, Kwame Alexander, Devina Franks, and C'elest Moranta. In 2383, the Columbia was nearly destroyed and had to be abandoned. After the crew managed to recover the ship, the Columbia was refit at Starbase 118 and the crew transferred to Starbase 118 Operations. ===Starbase 118 Operations===Captain Avatar would relieve Captain Waltas as CO of Ops in the middle of 2383 with the Columbia becoming a support vehicle. Avatar's reign would be shortlived as he was mysteriously removed as commanding officer in 238310 without explanation. The base would be temporarily assigned to Captain Tiberius Hannibal (NPC) before Rocar Drawoh would take over the next year. ===The Hidden Andorian Independence Movement and Civilian Life===Officially Captain Avatar was listed as AWOL. In actuality he went undercover as an operative in his father's revolution to secede from the Federation. Avatar would sacrifice his career and safety to destabilize the movement, bringing it to a close before it could begin. Following the closure of the movement, Avatar Would take an assumed name, Skaresh Thoralev facilitated by his intel connections. He would spend the next five years as a history and diplomatic relations professor. During his civilian years, he would marry and have two children. Only his wife would know of his true identity until 2389. Only after the final Andorian revolutionary was apprehended by Starfleet Security would Avatar finally begin to reclaim his original identity. It would begin with his relationship with Cadet [[Ra-Uleyra]], one of his students. By 238907, Avatar had reclaimed his identity and applied for re-entry as a Starfleet Officer with the rank of captain. ==Professional HistoryChronology==
*237903.10: Ensign Mal Avatar was assigned as an HCO on board the [[USS Kodiak-A]] under the command of Fleet Captain Hollis.
*237905.20: Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade after completing the first mission to the Lithron System.
*238306.27: Take command of [[StarBase_118_Ops|StarBase 118 Operations]].
*238310.19: Removed from command of StarBase 118 Operations and replaced on an interim basis by Captain Tiberius Hannibal.
*2384.01238401.01: Begins serving at the Academy as a professor under the alias Thoralev.*238908.01: Informs Starfleet Academy that he will not be teaching classes for the fall semester, applies for reinstatement of commission and rank.*238908.06: Reinstated as Captain and assigned to [[StarBase_118_Ops|StarBase 118 Operations]] as Strategic Operations Officer.*238910.02: Reassigned to Starfleet Command to take part in the strategic deployment of the fleet against the Klingon Invasion.
===Awards & Commendations===
*James T. Kirk Cross
*Sarek Star
==Mission History==
===Missions on the [[USS Kodiak-A]]===
*[[Return_to_Lithron_(Kodiak)|Mission 24: Return to Lithron (237903.10-237905.23]]
*Reassigned to [[USS Victory]]
===Missions on the [[USS Victory]]===
* [[Prelude: The Adventure begins (237905.24 - 237906.02)]]
* [[Mission 1: Encounter on Ferenginar (237906.03 - 237906.24)]]
* [[Mission 2: Return to the Lithron System (237906.26 - 237907.30)]]
* [[Mission 3: Attack on the Yithra Base (237908.14 - 237909.28)]]
* [[Mission 4: Time and Consequences (237910.08 - 237911.18)]]
* [[Mission 5: The True Ones (237911.24 - 238002.23)]]
* [[Mission 6: The Lost Colony (238004.02 - 238007.02)]]
* [[Mission 7: Cardassians (238008.01 - 238009.13)]]
* On Leave
* [[Mission 9: The Lycanthropes (238012.05 - 238103.18)]]
* Launches [[USS Columbia]]
* [[Mission11: Victory Time Two (238106.10 - 238108.16)]] (Mirror Universe Persona)
===Missions on the [[USS Columbia]]===
*Prelude: [[Columbia_Prelude|Launching of the Columbia]]
*Mission 1: [[Columbia_Mission_1|The Hironian Expanse]]
*Mission 2: [[Columbia_Mission_2|Cardassian Supply Ships]]
*Mission 3: [[Columbia_Mission_3|First Contact with Valoria]]
*Mission 4: [[Columbia_Mission_4|The Orion Syndicate]]
*Mission 5: [[Columbia_Mission_5|Kaleb IV]]
*Mission 6: [[Columbia_Mission_6|Columbia and Victory Battle the Kentic]]
*Mission 7: [[Columbia_Mission_7|The Delorean Encounter]]
*Mission 8: [[Columbia_Mission_8|Stranded on Ambrosia]]
===Missions at [[Starbase 118 Ops]]===
*[[SB118Ops_Mission_Logs/Mal_Avatar|Murder on Starbase 118]] (As Commanding Officer)
*[[Starbase_118_A_Matter_of_Honor|A Matter of Honor]] (As Strategic Operations Officer)
==Starfleet History==
! style="background:#grey;" |[[Image:00-Civilian-Grey.jpg]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |Professor
! style="background:#ffffff;" |238401.01 - Present238908.01
! style="background:#ffffff;" |Starfleet Academy
! style="background:#ffffff;" |Professor of Diplomatic Relations
! style="background:#800000;" rowspan="2"|[[Image:06-Captain-Red.jpg]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" rowspan="2"|Captain
! style="background:#ffffff;" |238908.06-238910.02
! style="background:#ffffff;" |[[Starbase 118 Ops]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" rowspan="2"|Strategic Operations Officer
! style="background:#ffffff;" |238910.02-Present
! style="background:#ffffff;" |Starfleet Command
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