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While records of this time period are confusing they do seem to indicate that not all of the Iotians had switched to the Starfleet imitation. Many still clung to their 1920’s mobster theme. It is possible that both adopted cultures ran concurrently among different Iotians, or more likely that the Federation sociologists quickly put a stop to it.
Following Kirk's visit, the Federation Council resolved to devote significant resources to guiding Iotian society, including large teams of cultural experts. The Federation sent teams of sociologists to Iotia to undo the damage and help them develop a more ethical form of government. Sometime after Kirk's visit, Lieutenant Michael Theivamanoharan studied the Iotians, while the Federation used their cut of Sigma Iotia's resources to encourage a more open and democratic society. One of these efforts involved a man named Kall Porakan, and used the example of Eliot Ness to create an honest law-enforcement agency.
===The Feds===

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