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Hathaway, Noah

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*'''Name:''' Hathaway, Noah James
*'''Rank:''' Lieutenant
*'''Service Number:''' J568-448 SE
*'''Department:''' Starfleet Command Engineering Officer*'''Assignment:''' [[USS Atlantis,Independence]]**''Intrepid''-class[[New Orleans Class]], NCC-74682*'''Position:''' Executive Assistant; Duty Chief Engineering Officer*'''File Last Updated:''' 238206.16==Stats==
*'''Species:''' Human
*'''Gender:''' Male
*'''Age:''' 26
*'''==Duty History:'''==*'''Posting/Duration/Service:''' **[[USS Paladin]]/3 years/Exploration**[[USS Atlantis]]/3 months/Exploration**'''Current Assignment:''' [[USS AtlantisIndependence]]/current/Exploration
Born on stardate 235607.01 in the city of San Francisco on Earth, Noah Hathaway is currently a Starfleet officer assigned to the USS Atlantis.
Noah's had an on-again-off-again romantic relationship with J'kal. Neither knows for sure where it will end up.
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