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Savannah Taylor

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Savannah spent the first few years of her commission in the Marines. After seeing so many people die, she chose to move to a Starfleet role. Given a position in intelligence, she puts her power of observation to work.
=='''Notable Relationships'''==
'''[[Webb, Cyrus|Cyrus Webb]]''': At one time, Cyrus and Savannah were sparring partners before the Victory crew was reassigned to Starbase 118. The relationship almost became something more, but never approached anything more than pure physical attraction.
'''[[Breeman, Kevin|Kevin Breeman]]''': Current Chief Engineer of [[StarBase 118 Ops|Starbase 118]]. Following months of working together in the wake of terrorist attacks conceived and executed by the Scarlet Brotherhood, Savannah and Kevin have [[Taylor One Moment of Perfect Beauty|fallen for each other]] and are currently romantically involved.
=='''Professional History'''==

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