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Donalson, Rockwell

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Master Chief Petty Officer Rockwell Donalson is the chief steward aboard Starbase 118
* '''Height''': 5' 11"* '''Weight''': 178 lbs* '''Hair Color''': Grey* '''Length of Hair''': Normal* '''Eye Color''': Blue* '''Skin Tone''': Tanned* '''Birthmarks, Scars''': None * '''Build''':Slightly overweight* '''Face''': Full * '''Eyes''': Dark* '''Mouth''': Full* '''Arms''': Muscular* '''Legs''': Muscular* '''Carriage''': Strong* '''Poses''': Casual* '''Taste in Clothing (when off duty)''': Tee-shirt, jeans.* '''Shoes''': Soft boots* '''Voice''': Medium* '''Handedness''': Right handed.
* '''Quarters''': Clean * '''Favorite Room''': Galley
* '''Habits''':
* '''Mannerisms''':
* '''Religion/Spiritual Devotion''':
* '''Hobbies and Pastimes''': Creating new recipes * '''Likes''': Good cooking* '''Dislikes''': Overcooked meals* '''Ambitions and Goals''': To please his shipmates with good cooking.* '''Achievements in Life''': To retire and open a food establishment of his own* '''Disappointments in Life''': His crew underfeed.* '''Temperament''': Can be a bit overbearing * '''Mental problems (complexes and phobias)''': None * '''Physical Limitations''':None [[Category:Starfleet personnel]][[Category:Mercury NPCs]][[Category:Player Non-Playing Characters]]

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