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Thunder-A Crew Photos

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<gallery widths="500px" heights="200px">Image:Thundergroup.jpg|<font color="black">'''<center>The crew of the Embassy at Duronis II and the USS Thunder</center> </font></gallery>
===Alucard Vesses Photos===
<gallery widths="500px" heights="380px">Image:ThunderandRonin.jpg|<font color="black">'''<center>The USS Thunder and USS Ronin in orbit over Duronis II</center> </font>
Image:Vesscove1.jpg|<font color="black">'''<center>Aerial View of Vesses secret cove''' <br></center></font>
Image:Private_cove.jpg|<font color="black">'''<center>Sea entance to Vesses secret cove</center><br></font><br><font color="black"> '''Photos by Alucard Vess'''</font>

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