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Johan Talbor

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* '''Hair Color''': Black
* '''Eye Color''': Blue
* '''Quarters''': Obviously occupied. Rarely what most people consider "clean". Most notable object in the room is an acoustic guitar.
* '''Favorite Room''': The Holodeck.
* '''Habits''':
* '''Mannerisms''':
* '''Religion/Spiritual Devotion''': Talbor has never made any open claim on such things. If he has any religious beliefs he keeps them to himself.
* '''Hobbies and Pastimes''': Johan enjoys reading about ancient wars and history as well as lessions in diplomacy, he cooks, he practices boxing regularly. His favorite past time however is playing his guitar and listening to classic Terran Rock n Roll. He can sometimes be found in the crew lounge playing his guitar in the corner. He also enjoys a good drink, particularly beer or rum.
* '''Likes''': Music, food, good times with friends.
* '''Dislikes''': He loathes bananas and peanut butter.
* '''Ambitions and Goals''': Johan wants to progress in rank in Starfleet and hold several positions from Chief of Security/Tactical to command his own vessel. He has also considered enrolling in the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps.
* '''Achievements in Life''': Johan's greatest achievement in his life was when he bonded with the old and experianced Symbiont Talbor.
* '''Disappointments in Life''': Never reconciling with or having a decent relationship with his father.
* '''Temperment''': Johan is typically reserved while on duty as he takes his job very seriously but off the clock he is fairly open and friendly.
* '''Mental problems (complexes and phobias)''': Since he became Joined he has a mild phobia of the cold that he does his best to hide.

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