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image = [[Image:Zakdorn.jpg|220px|center250px]]|
fedstatus = Members|
4letter = ZAKD|
origin = Zakdor|
encountered = A Zakdorn strategist came on board the USS Enterprise, NCC 1701-D for battle training games (''Peak Performance'', TNG.) |
techlevel = [[Planetary Development Scale|N+]] |
==Name==* ::'''Proper Name'"An interesting move, foolish but interesting. Checkmate."''::: a Zakdornsaying.* '''Pronunciation''': Zak'DornThe Zakdorn are a species of strategists, the ultimate gamer who can often plan 20 to 30 moves ahead. This makes them extremely difficult to beat and many species have avoided any aggressive actions against them for this reason. However the Klingons believe it is a false reputation as they are ill suited to fight in any kind of a physical confrontation. They make fantastic administrators and excel at the duties involved in there complicated positions.
==Home System==
* '''Quadrant''': Beta
* '''Location''': Abin Zak Sector (coordinates B24-0004-1296)
* '''Proper Name''': Zakdo* '''Pronunciation''': Zak'DoZakdor system* '''Star''': It orbits a [[Star Classifications|class K (Orange) ]] star* '''Distance from Star''': it's its orbit is approximately 403 63 million km
* '''Companions''': 9 other planets. It is the 4th planet in the system
* '''Moons''': it has 3 moons.
==Home World==
* '''Proper Name''': Zakdor* '''Pronunciation''': Zak'DorZakdorn* '''Diameter''': 1119,307 354 km (712,026 miles) * '''Gravity''': 0.93 94 standard gravity with a density of 53.84
* '''Axial Tilt''': 28.4% with earthlike seasonal effects
* '''Orbital Period''': 392 days
* '''Rotational Period''': 36 hours
* '''Classification''': [[Planetary Classification|M]]** '''Surface Water''': 63% ** '''Atmosphere''': 0.98 is a standard pressure with 73% nitrogen, 23% oxygen, 4% trace gases/chemicals ** '''Climate''': Mostly a temperate climate with polar caps *'''Terrain''': It has a number of mountain ranges, hilly regions, plains and woodlands.* '''Population''': Just over 7 billion
Soon after first contact with the Federation starship USS Gandhi, the Zakdorn became members of the United Federation of Planets in 2344. Known for their pretentious and fussy demeanors, they are nevertheless valued allies, contributing their famed tactical expertise to the defence of the Federation. Historically, other races have been so fearful of the Zakdorn reputation for tactical supremacy that no-one has dared attack them; many Klingons therefore sneer at the reputation, dismissing it as "untested".  For nine millennia, they were regarded by potential foes as having the greatest innately strategic minds in the galaxy. Because of this perception, no one has tested the Zakdorn in combat in recent memory. As a people In 2365, the Zakdorn were generally replete with selfmaster strategist [[ma:Sirna Kolrami|Sirna Kolrami]] visited the USS Enterprise-assuredness D to serve as observer and overconfidencemediator during a war games exercise in the Braslota system.  They were members one of the United Federation many species that attended the biennial Trade Agreements Conference held on Betazed in 2366. They operated the Starfleet Surplus Depot Z15 in orbit of Planets Qualor II. [[ma:Benjamin Sisko|Benjamin Sisko]] and [[ma:Calvin Hudson|Calvin Hudson]] were persuaded by the 2360s[[ma:Curzon Dax|Curzon Dax]] to play a game of dom-jot against two Zakdorn on Pelios Station. The Zakdorn were triumphant and Curzon revealed he had placed a bet on their victory.
Zakdorn are humanoids with pouches of thick, fibrous tissue on their cheeks. They have three pouches per cheek. They have pale blue/grey skin with many folds, and the majority of Zakdorns tend to be plump and short, but are obese and weaknot exclusively so.. This has not affected their reputation.
Their minds are very complex with a natural affinity for organization, analytical thinking and probability calculations. Mental disease is only a problem for the very old. As a people, the Zakdorn were generally replete with self-assuredness and overconfidence.
==Federation Intelligence Files==
For more data see the following Federation Intelligence files# [[ma:Peak Performance|TNG-2365-5463]], [[ma:Ménage à Troi|TNG-2366-7316]], [[ma:Unification I|TNG-2367-9452]] and [[ma:The Maquis, Part II|DS9-2369-4190]].
In 2365The Zakdorn government feels strongly about being granted voting powers equel to the Federation's four founding members, insulted at the notion by the {{USS|Vigilant}}'s captain that all member races of the Federation were equal. When Zakdorn was under internal pressure to secede from the Federation, the master strategist Vigilant captain orchestrates a game of strategema against a Zakdorn official to emulate the strengths of his Federation crew - a [[Rodulan]] cheated, feeding a [[ma:Sirna Kolrami|Sirna KolramiTerran]] visited their opponent's thoughts, equalling one Zakdorn - however, the USS EnterpriseZakdorn opponent was later exposed to be a [[Klingon]] spy.<ref>[ ''"Allies and Enemies" (Part 2)''], FltCpt D .Herrera & Statigo B.Bokzadeshti, {{USS|Vigilant}}, SD 239103.10</ref> The Zakdorn were convinced to serve as observer and mediator during a war games exercise remain in the Braslota system. File # United Federation of Planets, the Zakdorn forgoing their alliance with the [[ma:Peak Performance|TNG-2365-5463Klingon Empire]] .
They were one In 2391, insulted that Starfleet did not commission a vessel of more 'substance' than a mere [[Intrepid class]] ship, Stratigo Bokzadema Bokzadeshti demanded an inspection of the many species {{USS|Vigilant}}, claiming that attended Starfleet received a vessel at a lesser standard than usual from the biennial Trade Agreements Conference held on Betazed in 2366Zakdorn ship yards than they would have had they taken the vessel when it was actually completed. File # [<ref>[mahttps:Ménage à Troi// ''"What you do not know"''], Stratigo B.Bokzadeshti, {{USS|TNGVigilant}}, SD 239101.22</ref> Revealing that the Zakdorn had placed surveillance aboard the vessel during it's construction. Upon meeting the Stratigo again, Bokzadeshti provided the Vigilant crew with "evidence" regarding the Federation's favoritism of it's core members -2366however, the meeting was attacked by a [[Suliban]] group, who had intended to implicate the Zakdorn in an attack on Suliban citizens<ref>[ ''"Pop goes the door seals"''], LtCmdr S.Blake, {{USS|Vigilant}}, SD 239102.13</ref>, and a member of the crew was able to retrieve data from a chip found on the Suliban, revealing communication between the Sulliban and the Vulcan homeworld, adding significant weight to the Stratigo’s conspiracy theory.<ref>[ ''"A Friend Indeed"''] , FltCpt D.Herrera & LtCmdr Eerie, {{USS|Vigilant}}, SD 239103.10</ref>
They operated ==Sources==Information for this article was obtained from Memory Alph and Beta as well as the Starfleet Surplus Depot Z15 in orbit of Qualor II. File # [[mafollowing TV episodes TNG: Peak Performance, TNG: Ménage à Troi, TNG:Unification I|and TNG-2367-9452]] : The Maquis, Part II. Also used with the source book the Last Unicorn RPG module: All Our Yesterdays: The Time Travel Sourcebook.
[[ma:Benjamin Sisko|Benjamin Sisko]] and [[ma:Calvin Hudson|Calvin Hudson]] were persuaded by [[ma:Curzon Dax|Curzon Dax]] to play a game of dom-jot against two Zakdorn on Pelios Station. The Zakdorn were triumphant and Curzon revealed he had placed a bet on their victory. File # [[ma:The Maquis, Part II|DS9-2369-4190]] {{References}}
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