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Bree Keely

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{{Ronin}}Bree Keely*, a Terran, is currently a Counselor stationed aboard the USS Mercury.'''Stats'''
[[File* '''Age''':Breekeely.png|left|frame|Lieutenant Bree Keely, Counselor]]23*Current Rank'''Height''': Lieutenant5'5"*Duty Post'''Weight''': Counselor 120 lbs.*Species'''Hair Color''': HumanDark Brown*Gender'''Hair Style''': Female Sleek*Date of Birth'''Eyes''': 236801.01 Dark Brown*Place of Birth'''Skin Tone''': San Francisco, Earth Fair with the distinctive Trill spotting.* '''AppearanceBuild''': Athletic and trim*Hair Color'''Face''': Blond Young, attractive *Eye Color'''Birth Place''': BlueTrill*Height'''Species''': 5' 2"Joined Trill*Weight'''Marital Status''': 105 pounds Single
*Voice is very soft - almost a whisper. She's a quick thinker, has a good sense of humor, is loyal and trustworthy, and an is an excellent warrior.
*Mother: Hannah
*Father: Peter
*Siblings: None
*Spouse: None
*Children: None
'''Personal Medical History'''*238112.03 - Joined with Symbiont Quay
'''Note: Bree likes to go her first name, rather than Keeley. Keeley is her Symbiont and it likes the distinction of them being two separate species rolled in to one. In spite of this she is not offended when referred to as Keeley when she is on duty.'''
'''Symbiont Information'''<br>
'''Classified information except for what is written here.'''
'''* '''Name''': Keeley
* Bree is its third Trill host, and Keeley at 101 years old, is a relatively young Symbiont, who has some innovative ideas about the Trill/Symbiont relationship it enjoys with Bree. Although for the most part, it dominates its host, it does allow Bree room to pursue her own goals and relationships, therefore Bree retains her own identity.
*Keeley had been greatly disappointed in his first Trill host. It had hoped the man would share a volumes of knowledge to be absorbed, but due to a serious breakdown in the Trill Symbiosis Commission screening process, instead of getting a learned mathematician that the Trill host claimed to be, Keeley was stuck for 60 years in the body of a store keeper, whose mathematical savvy was limited to the daily receipts from his store. Fortunately for Keeley, the store keeper died a lingering death, allowing time to choose a host more wisely.
*A diplomat became Keeley's second host. The active man had vast knowledge of ancient civilizations, but what Keeley found most interesting was the way he charmed women. He was a master of seduction, and that became the basis of Keeley's innovative ideas about the Trill/Symbiont relationship. Humanoid behavior became his specialty. Unfortunately, Keeley was only with the diplomat for 40 years. The Trill met with a swift demise while fleeing his lover's husband, and Keeley faced certain death, but then along came Bree.
*Keeley saw the naive, but feisty, young Trill woman as a window to a whole new prospective in humanoid behavior. He did not want to taint her with Zhian'tara (the Trill rite of closure, in which a joined Trill meets with the previous hosts of their symbiont). He wanted to experience her totally uninhibited reactions to the stimulus around her without the diplomat's knowledge of women swaying her either way. She had never disappointed him, and was always fascinating to observe. Never a day had gone by that she had not showed him something new in her reactions as nothing with Bree was predictable, and that's why he let her do her own thinking during her waking hours, and he did his work while she slept.
 '''Professional History'''* 238701.01 Graduated from Starfleet Academy* 238701.02 Assigned to Starfleet Medical as an Intern under the guidance of her mentor Andrew Ellis, a noted Psychiatrist while she studied for her Ph.D.* 238806.12 Received her Ph.D in Psychiatry.* 238812.11 Assigned to the USS Ronin as a Counselor* 238812.06 Assigned to the USS Mercury when the Ronin was decommissioned. Character Data*Previous Ships Served On[[Category: None Characters]]'''Awards Received[[Category:''' *'''Rank Upgrades'''Counselors]]**Ensign[[Category: 238701.01 Trills]]**Lieutenant JG[[Category: 238710.13 Starfleet personnel]]**Lieutenant[[Category: 238806.12Ronin Alumni]]

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