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Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards


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Sovereign Class Explorer
Commissioned: 2369

Deck 1

Main Bridge, Captain's Office, Situation Room, Life Pods

Deck 2

Stellar Cartography, Astronomy Labs, Communication Hardware

Deck 3

Senior Officers Quarter, Captain's Quarters, Officer's Lounge, Operation Offices, Life Pods

Deck 4

Forward Small Shuttle Bay (1 Wave Rider, 2 Pods) , Transporter Room I (12 person), Security/Armory/Brig, Conference Room, Holo Deck 1

Deck 5

Junior Officer's Quarters, Gym, Multi-purpose room, Life Pods

Deck 6

Computer Core, Library, Sciences Labs, Cargo Holds A - G

Deck 7

Computer Core, Surgery Suites 1-3, Quarantine, Decontamination Chamber, Diagnostic Labs, Transporter Room II (6 person), Surgical Recovery Rooms, Surgery Waiting Room

Deck 8

Computer Core, Medical Bay, 65 bed recovery area, Clinic, Doctor Offices, Counseling Suite, Life Science Labs, Life Pods

Deck 9

Family Deck, Crew Quarters, Café, Day Care/School, Life Pods

Deck 10

Entertainment Deck, Ship Lounge, Holo Decks II-V, Game Room, Cargo Hold H

Deck 11

Diplomatic Deck, VIP Suites, Transporter Room II (6 person), Diplomatic Conference Rooms, Formal Dining Room.

Deck 12

Crew Quarters, Life Pods, common mess, Sensors, Navigational Deflector

Deck 13

Crew Quarters, Secondary purpose Evacuation and Marine Transport (A level), Navigational Deflector

Deck 14

Crew Quarters, Secondary purpose Evacuation and Marine Transport (B level), Navigational Deflector


Phaser Arrays 1-12, Targeting and Firing Control, Deuterium Storage

Deck 16

Engineering Deck, Warp Core, Secondary Bridge, Life Pods, Life Pods

Deck 17

Main Engineering Deck, Warp Core, Transporter Room III (4 person), Life Pods

Deck 18

Fabrication Deck, Shuttle Repair, Main Deflector

Deck 19

Aft Shuttle Bay, Tractor Beam, Probe launcher, Sensors

Deck 20

Weapons Deck - Torpedo launchers 1-3, Torpedo Magazine

Deck 21

Anti Matter reactant generator, Storage Pods

Deck 22

Anti Matter reactant generator, Storage Pods

Deck 23

Cargo Holds I-O

Deck 24

Cargo Holds Q-S, Cargo Transporter

Black-and-white ship illustrations by Tim Davies unless otherwise noted. Used with permission. All other images are copyright to their respective owners.
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