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USS Avandar


Luran Sorani

  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Mission Specialist
  • Ship: USS Avandar
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Race: Al-Leyan
  • Spouse None

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::Luran Sorani had a spring in her step as she walked briskly into sickbay. She stopped just inside the doorway and looked around. She’d expected the facility would be a lot smaller than on the Azure Station, but it was even smaller than what she’d imagined. Nevertheless it looked clean, orderly and well equipped. A nurse came in behind her and Sorani turned to speak to her.::

Sorani: Excuse me, is one of the doctors free now? I’m in need of a check up.

McKay: Have a seat on a biobed. I’ll find the doctor for you.

Sorani: Thank you.

::Sorani walked over to the the biobed indicated and hopped up onto it. She continued to look about curiously, swinging her legs a little as she waited.::

::Jen exited her office, walking into main Sickbay, rather curious about the new officer. She’d very briefly met the CSO earlier and was glad she was getting the chance to actually speak with her. Though the reason for needing a new CSO still left Jen feeling a bit raw, she couldn’t blame the newcomer.::

::Besides, she always enjoyed meeting new people, which was one of the perks of being CMO; she got to meet just about everyone on board. She spotted her patient waiting for her on the biobed and greeted her with a wave.::

Malcolm: Hello, Cmdr ::She held a PADD with the officer’s medical file::

Sorani: Hello Doctor, pleased to meet you. ::She wished it was under better circumstances, but when there was a loss something had to move in to fill the gap and in this case she was it.::

Malcolm: Welcome aboard.

::Jen turned on the biobed and glanced over Lt. Cmdr. Sorani’s medical file as the bed started collecting her stats. Sorani was the first Al- Leyan patient she’d had - she’d actually spent a few hours re-familiarizing herself with the species’ anatomy.::

Sorani: Thanks.

Malcolm: I’m sorry about the brush off before. I appreciate you showing up so promptly and for coming back. ::She smiled::

Sorani: It’s no problem. ::Smiling a little.::

Malcolm: I see you passed the Starfleet visual you have to use corrective lenses at all?

::Sorani pulled out a small case from her pocket and showed it to the doctor. It contained the glasses she required to improve her visual acuity enough do her job during light and bright conditions. Her eyes were more accustomed to the dark and in those conditions her eyesight was better than most other humanoids. She wasn’t wearing the glasses just now as she wasn’t working and didn’t need to look at any text or small details.::

Sorani: Here are the glasses I use. I’ve been offered the use of a thing called contacts but I would have them in and out all the time. The glasses are easier.

Malcolm: ::Smiling:: Very well. ::she glanced back at the Padd:: and you’re on flunisolide steroids for your respiratory needs.

Sorani: That’s right, I’m running low on it at the moment and could use some more.

::The steroids were used to help control the symptoms of asthma that she suffered due to living in conditions where the atmosphere was less dense than her biology required.::

Malcolm: All right. We’ll get some made up for you. ::She made a note on the Padd:: And let’s schedule a 6 week check-up to make sure they’re working well enough.

Sorani: That’s great, thank you.

Malcolm: Do you ever use an inhaler? You might want to consider it for emergencies.

Sorani: I haven’t used one. The environment on Azure Station was more tailored to Al-Leyan needs since we make up a large portion of the workforce there.

Malcolm: Well, I’d like you to carry one. You might see some different environments now that you’re on a vessel. You’d obviously have to check any atmospheres before joining an away team - but it might be something you’ll need here on the ship. We’ve had situations where the whole ship was flooded with gas before.

::Sorani had anticipated visiting other planets with other atmospheres. Part of her had been hoping just to send someone else in her stead but she supposed that might be easier said than done. The thought that the ship had been flooded with gas on previous occasions, and that it might happen again was a bit disturbing. A small crease or worry appeared on her forehead and she thought she better get this inhaler. oOHopefully it’s a full-face gas mask.Oo

Sorani: How do you use one of these inhalers... is it easy? I’ll definitely carry one. oOReligiously, even if it makes me look silly.Oo

Malcolm: Fairly easy. You hold it in your mouth, press a button to release the medicine, then kind of breath-in and swallow at the same time. We’ll do some practices with it, so you’re comfortable.

Sorani: Okay. How long will it take to get one?

::Jen shrugged::

Malcolm: Just an hour or two. One of our medical officers lives in the lab, so he’ll get right on it for you.

Sorani: That’s good. ::She fiddled with her collar a little, wondering if the medical was nearly complete yet.::

::It was good to see the Doctor was so thorough, she had been concerned about how these new doctors would compare with the ones she had grown accustomed to.She found the Doctor to be polite and professional enough. Everyone she’d met so far was, but somehow they just didn’t seem quite as friendly or welcoming. She could understand why and couldn’t blame them, she kept reminding herself not to take it personally.::

Malcolm: Other than that the biobed tells me you’re in great health. So, if you’ll just give me a blood sample, I can let you out of here.

Sorani: Certainly. ::She rolled up her sleeve to allow the doctor to take the blood.::

::She still didn’t know the doctor’s name as it hadn’t been given and she was wondering about whether she should ask for it or try find out via other means.::

::Jen took the obligatory sample, watching expectantly for the dark-tinted blood to fill her hypo. Under the sickbay lights she could see a bit of the bluish-tint common to nickel-based blood. She’d have to make sure a store of some was kept for replication, should it ever be necessary to give the Lt. Cmdr. a transfusion::

Malcolm: All right. All finished. You’re cleared for duty, Cmdr. ::She looked down at the Padd in search of the woman’s name.:: Sorani.

Sorani: ::She hopped off the bed:: Thank you and good day. ::She hurried away having decided not to press upon the woman’s time any longer.::

::Robins came into Sickbay, and her eyes flicked immediately to the biobeds lining the wall. All but one was empty - which was almost as it should be - but the person receiving a check-up from Malcolm wasn't exactly the person she was after to see. She had been hoping to catch Chase before he returned to duty, as she still hadn't had a chance to talk with him. But she wasn't going to ignore the new head of science either. They would be working together at some point, and she'd rather be on good terms than not.::

Robins: ::smiling:: Hello, I'm Dr Robins.

Sorani: Hello, i’m Luran Sorani. ::Pausing for a second:: I’m the new chief science officer. Pleased to meet you. ::She looked at Robins carefully to try judge her reaction.::

Robins: Nice to meet you, too. ::pause:: Good to see that you're getting all the necessary bits done. Saves us from hounding you.

Sorani: Of course. I wouldn’t like to be kept waiting myself...punctuality is basic manners.

::Robins hesitated a moment, deciding *not* to tell her that she was actually a few minutes late for her shift in Sickbay - partially because she'd been hoping to bump into Valaine. Not that it had worked.::

Robins: It...certainly is. ::ploughing on:: I'm sure you'll settle in alright. This crew don't seem so bad once you get used to them!

Sorani: ::Smiling a little wryly.:: I think perhaps it is the other way about this time, but thank you.

Robins: ::dipping her head briefly, but not wishing to explain:: My apologies, Commander. Hopefully we'll get chance to work together soon.

Sorani: Good day Doctor. ::She was a little stiff and formal but the tone wasn’t unfriendly.::

::She turned and left the sickbay, this time with a little less haste and a little more caution. She didn’t want to bump into and rub anyone else up the wrong way today.::

::Robins heaved a sigh as the new head of science flitted out. She wasn't entirely certain what to make of her, but one thing was for certain - it looked like today just *wasn't* her day.::

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