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'''Treated by [[Malcolm, Jen|Dr Jen Malcolm]] and [[Robins, Talya|Dr Talya Robins]].'''
'''Treated by [[Malcolm, Jen|Dr Jen Malcolm]] and [[Robins, Talya|Dr Talya Robins]].'''
==Psychological Evaluations==
==Psychological Evaluations==
Check-up due.
'''238911.07:''' ''[[Sorani Sims: Branch to branch|Branch to branch]]''
Following her recent incapacitation and change of role to [[Simming_a_Mission_Specialist|Mission Specialist]] Sorani is worried about falling from the branch. She seeks advice from fellow [[Al-Leyan]] [[Jolara, Rune|Rune Jolara]]
'''Evaluated by [[Jolara, Rune|Rune Jolara]].'''
[[Category:Luran Sorani]]
[[Category:Luran Sorani]]

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USS Avandar


Luran Sorani

  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Mission Specialist
  • Ship: USS Avandar
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Race: Al-Leyan
  • Spouse None

Personnel File

Medical Records
Personal Logs

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Medical Stats


Eyesight: Sorani's visual acuity is poorer in daylight conditions than at night time, she needs to wear glasses when on-duty during the day. Particularly if she is looking at a screen or small details. During the night Al-Leyan eyesight is superior to most other humanoids and their eyes sometimes appear to glow as they reflect the light. This is a primary sense for Al-Leyans whp prefer to work during the evening and sleep during the brightest hours of the day.

Hearing: Sorani has excellent hearing and can hear frequencies outwith the range of most other humanoids. She can hear very clearly even over great distances, this has the downside of her sometimes hearing more than she'd like to. She had to ask the engineering department of the [USS Avandar]] to modify her sonic shower as the noise it emitted was within her range of hearing. Sorani was greatly relieved and grateful to Jack Mancuso for the alterations he made.

Smell: Sorani has a terrible sense of smell and can have pungent items or substances held under her nose and still not smell it. Certain things she can smell, but only faintly. When she is in season or pregnant her sense of smell improves dramatically. It is still poorer than most other humanoids but improved enough that she can smell most things.

Taste: Sorani has a very poor sense of taste. Most foods and drinks are bland and flavourless to her. She can only taste foods that are incredibly sweet or incredibly bitter, although they don't taste that strong to them. Most Al-Leyan food is unpalatable for other species although they export a blend of coffee that is very popular among other races. Sorani finds the coffee quite bitter but to the other races it is quite sweet for a coffee. Due to this Sorani's interest in food lies more in the textures of different foods and it's aesthetics.

Touch: Sorani's sense of touch is no better or worse than any other species, it's fairly average.

Telepathy/Empathy/Telekinesis: No abilities.


Lungs: Sorani takes steroid based medication and carries an inhaler. This is to combat the symptoms of asthma she suffers due to the ship having air of a much lighter density than on her homeworld.

Medical History


238907.03: Standard Check-up following assignment to a new vessel

A standard exam to allow Sorani to familiarise herself with the Doctors who will be caring for her during her time aboard the ship. Also allows the Doctors to meet their new patient and review any outstanding illness, injury or other medical concerns that there may be.

Treated by Dr Jen Malcolm and Dr Talya Robins.

Psychological Evaluations


238911.07: Branch to branch

Following her recent incapacitation and change of role to Mission Specialist Sorani is worried about falling from the branch. She seeks advice from fellow Al-Leyan Rune Jolara

Evaluated by Rune Jolara.