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"I'm a proficient healer to my patients, a favored son to my family, a kind word and a smile to my friends, and a Prince to some. But you can call me Anen."

Dr. Anen Sonbef is a Laudean Émigré and a Medical Officer aboard the USS Columbia. A man quick to smile, Anen is not a broody, stuck in the past exile and is a kind and caring man who is also a bit unorthodox, but on the tame side of the spectrum. Below the smile is a deeply philosophical man who is fascinated with questions of Life, Religion, Death and Existence itself.

Vital Stats


Full Name Anen Khay Sonbef of House Imyremeshaw
Full Style His Serene Highness Prince Anen, Lord Sonbef, Excellency of Imyremeshaw, Lower of Reidar
Nicknames "AKS" by some individuals.
Species Laudean
Date of Birth 236207.03
Age 38
Place of Birth Kingdom of Bryque
Hometown Maahes, Til'ahn
Gender Male
Languages Laudean Standard, Bryque (Maahes dialect), Betazoid ('advanced' conversational),
Federation Standard (he's hopeless without a translator)


Doctor of Medicine 2389, Starfleet Medical Academy
Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry 2385, Starfleet Academy, Earth

For More Information Please See Sonbef, Anen/Starfleet Academy Transcript & Sonbef, Anen/Starfleet Medical Academy Transcript

Appearance & Personality

Anen is always smiling but is not necessarily upbeat, he's just perpetually beaming.
  • Height: 182 cm (6'1")
  • Weight: 72 kilos (160 lbs)
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Yellow
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Handedness: Right

Anen is a handsome man who lights up a room and draws the attention of others almost instantly. His soft, kind, but vibrant yellow eyes match his electric personality, and his pretty face and smile compliment his gregarious nature well.

Distinguishing Marks

  • Species-Specific: Anen has an exotically colored, halo around his hairline and ears. His is Purple, to some this is a mark of his noble heritage.


Quick to smile and at ease in social situations, Anen is undaunted and happy, though is not peppy and he would never be considered 'annoying'. He is subdued in his joy and has a deeply philosophical side that most do not often get to see. Anen often tells it like it is, though he is measured and fair in doing so, often breaking open his 'ships stores' to level with a patient or a fellow officer. His accent is a sort of haughty, perfect one, to go along with his perfect smile. It carries well in all situations and is rather curious mixed with his happy spirit but sometimes poor command of Federation Standard. Some have said it's the voice of an angel, either a guardian one, or the heavenly voice of divine joy. He's also more than a bit mystical and eccentric, though these are manageable and well thought of traits, rather than a hindrance to his duties or annoyance to others.

He doesn't particularly care for rank or title, favoring neither 'Doctor' or 'Lieutenant' over the other, hee would rather go by 'Anen' when possible, and sometimes demands it of close friends, regardless of situation. That being said though, most know him by 'Doctor Sonbef', or some variation there of. One thing he does not like being addressed as is 'Lord' or 'Anen of Imyremeshaw' (would it be that anyone could pronounce it). He also dislikes being called 'Sir' by his subordinates, favoring a neutral address like 'Doctor' or his rank.

A profoundly powerful Fielder, Anen is very much in touch with the energy of the world around him and the people inhabiting it. His abilities have not isolated him though he sometimes struggles with describing an entire dimension of reality that others cannot perceive.

Morality & Personal Philosophy

"Death is never justice."
"Are you saying I shouldn't have killed him?"
"I'm saying all of us shouldn't have had to kill him."

Anen is a great scholar of philosophy and religion, fascinated by the great questions of existence. He also reads the science in connection or in opposition to these theories voraciously and is both a fervent believer and a great skeptic. Much of his theology and indeed, his 'need' for some purpose, some guiding hand, is motivated by his fear of there not being anything beyond the material. At the same time he is a profoundly rational and skeptical, but not cynical person, not closed off to the ideas of Gods and so called 'magical thinking' but doesn't see them in line with his own experience. He struggles with these conflicting convictions constantly, but is no longer silently wrenching himself over it. Or is he?

Anen is a bit of a priest when it comes to his convictions. He is quick to forgive, almost making it look easy, and preaches compassion, tolerance and restraint, though not to the point of pacification or inaction. Anen does believe in the utilitarian nature of violence, but not in a way that numbs one to the potential pain and suffering such violence might cause on both sides. Violence may be necessary but it must not be used as an excuse, and must be sought after all other options have been completely explored and exhausted, or when there is no other tangible alternative. He full heartedly believes that one must always face the consequences of their actions and never try and rationalize their mistakes and hard choices away. Anen believes that is the only way to ensure personal growth.


Anen is a follower of the complex, labyrinthine collection of gods, texts, cults, rituals and fielding that is the Bryque pantheon. While not fully observant he still passively believes, though doubt is something that constantly weighs on him. Some of his traveling and studies have been to provoke a genuine religious experience, though he has had no such luck. The ebb and flow of his doubt and faith have greatly influenced his personal philosophy.

Thoughts On The Great Revolution

For More Information Please See Sonbef, Anen/The Great Revolution

"But one can't live with hate, I know that... And we have to forget, if we want to go on living."

Anen rarely discusses the Revolution in explicit or absolute terms. One could say that he hasn't dealt with it, at least not fully. His strong desire to move on and gregarious nature have masked his true feelings well, that is, if he has any.

Personal Life

"You read 'The Cat in the Hat', have a demonic appetite for yogurt, can barely speak Basic without the translator and in spite of it all, have an MD from one of the most prestigious institutions in the Quadrant."
"I'm also a Prince, don't forget about that."


  • USS Excalibur: Deck 9

Anen's quarters don't have a heck of a lot of personality to them, but they're very comfortable and have a happy and bright color scheme. Repainting the walls and modifying the lighting, when one steps into Anen's quarters they feel an instant feeling of liveliness, in comparison to the sometimes drab Starfleet color scheme.


You'll never find Anen wearing robes and he's always simply but tastefully dressed. He favors darker colors against his yellow eyes, blonde hair and halo of purple around his hair, which sometimes leave few style options. His closet may not look like much but if you check the labels and do an analysis of the materials, you'll see that Anen hasn't left a flare for the finer things behind him.

Personal Effects


Anen is a vegetarian, though not for any particular reason (that anyone knows of), nor is he preachy about it. He has a highly eclectic but healthy diet.

  • Yogurt:

No one can explain Anen's fixation with yogurt (specifically key lime) and he's quite the aficionado despite the limits of one flavor. It might have something to do with his love of the color green or some aspect of the Laudean taste buds as yet unknown but Anen has been known to eat it by the tub when available, sometime supplementing entire meals.

  • Lemons:

Anen is also in love with the flavor and many different ways to produce lemon related food. He favors lemonade, lemon cake, lemon tart and lemon curd. As with most of his odd diet, no one knows why he likes lemons so much.


  • Hobbies & Interests:

Reading: Anen isn't up to date with many of the classics of Earth culture, having grown up on a far away world and he enjoys reading them immensely, from such 'juvenile' selections as "The Cat In The Hat" to "Paradise Lost" and 'Finnegan's Wake'. He prefers hard copies to reading off of PADDs, disliking the small screen and complaining that it causes his mind to wander too much. With the physical feel of the book in his hands, he stays committed to the story.
Painting: Once a prolific painter of unknown talent, Anen has stated that he enjoyed painting and the physicality of creation that came with it. He has also stated that he no longer paints, claiming to be distracted by other things. The last time he picked up a paintbrush (by the formulation of others) coincides with the year of the Great Revolution.
Traveling: The galaxy is a vast place, even more so to a man who grew up on a singular planet without the firm knowledge that others like it existed. Anen likes to travel but is sometimes annoyed that he cannot see all of it and that his usually brief trips do not allow him to see all he would like. He has a childlike fascination with new places and leaps at the opportunity to go on shoreleave or away teams.

  • Singing/Musical Ability:

Sometimes observed with Laudeans with strong Fielding abilities, Anen has near perfect pitch. He rarely sings now, but was in a band at the Academy where he also learned how to play several electronic instruments, including a modified version of the Theremin, which he plays quite beautifully.

Favorite Things

  • Favorite Color: Green

This is perhaps linked to his Laudean Synesthesia, and he associates 'Green' with favorable thing or more interesting or potent fields of energy.

  • Favorite Food: Yogurt

For fairly obvious reasons, to him anyway.

  • Favorite Song: "I Have Dreamed" from The King and I

Anen collects records of different arrangements and versions of this particular song and finds it incredibly poetic and romantic in a very "Laudean" sort of way. Anen once allegedly sang this at a ballroom in San Francisco, but no evidence exists to confirm it.

  • Favorite Genre of Music: The music of Goa

While Anen performed exclusively electronic music during his years with his Academy band his favorite genre of music is the music native to the Indian state of Goa. Anen appreciates the fusion of Portuguese and Latin influences and Indian music.

  • Favorite Book: Ascalon by Zaida Zur, an epic tale set in the Crusader state of Jerusalem.

Written in the late 21st century, Ascalon is a complex, but highly aesthetic novel that details love, war, romance, family, religion and culture during the time of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. Over 1400 pages long, Anen finds the length of the book and its style to be refreshing and reminiscent of the grand Laudean literature he grew up with.


Akhen Chose The Faithful Ones -The Motto of House Imyremeshaw

Through his mother, Anen is a member of House Reidar (hence his title of both Prince and "Lower of Reidar") the ancient and unbroken line of rulers of Bryque. Through his maternal grandfather he is also a descendent of House Hallstein of Manar. His father's family, the Sonbefs of House Imyremeshaw, are descended from the legendary Damodaran adventurer Sonpho (Sonbef) of Damodara. Originally a poor commoner, Sonpho was knighted by the Emperor for his legendary exploits and married his equally legendary love, the Priestess Taui. Their son would be raised to nobility after defeating the usurper Herihor in service to the beloved Emperor Akhen, the Great Reformer, three centuries ago. Witht he death of his father, Anen is now the Excellency of House Imyremeshaw and the Lord Sonbef, though he does not use either title, or any other for that matter.

  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None
  • Parents

Anen had a very happy (but not necessarily close) relationship with both of his parents. He was arguably the apple of their eyes, and the most favored son. Anen revitalized their sometimes strained and in flux marriage, as the two were never in love with each other in the first place. With the Anen bringing a smile to their faces, they turned to each other and grew to have a great affection for one another that eventually blossomed into love, though with a notable lack of torrid passion.

  • Father: Duanre Sonbef
Duanre Sonbef.png

A kind man, sympathetic but firm in his convictions, Duanre was a good man, a good councilor and a good father. A moderate and liked by many, Duanre thought he could control the more violent movements of the Revolution. In doing so though, he missstepped, and drew the ire of the revolutionary gangs. Seeing that it was no longer safe, he sent his family away while he himself stayed behind to try and control the situation. In the last days of the Revolution, revolutionary gangs stormed the palace and slaughtered many of the nobles and government officials who remained, leaving only the immediate Royal Family unharmed. Many of the corpses could not be identified and many more were lost in the succeeding months. It is probable, though not confirmed, that Grand Vizier Duanre Sonbef is among the deceased.

  • Mother: Gautseshen Sonbef
Gautseshen Sonbef.png

A somewhat tragic figure, Princess Gautseshen, Lady Sonbef, was a widely admired figure in the days before the Revolution. Admired for her charity, hospitality and moderate political views, she was initially sympathetic to democratic stirrings. In full revolutionary fervor however, her own beliefs mattered little. Like the rest of her family, she was forced to flee for her life when the Revolution hit its most violent phase. Fleeing with her children along with most of the other high-ranking nobles and royals, she settled on Betazed. It was there that she learned of the probable death of her husband, and her descent into a deep depression quickened. Unable to comprehend such a betrayal by her own people, Lady Sonbef is now a broken woman, who spends most of her days, sitting with a vacant look in her eyes in the gardens of the First House of Betazed.

  • Siblings: 3

The first child of four, Anen was unplanned and born out of a singular attempt by his parents at the betterment of their relationship. Anen was his parents' favorite child, particularly his father's. Anen always thought he got along well with his siblings but in the aftermath of the Revolution and the family's falling on hard times, his relationship with his brother Djoser is volatile and resentful at best. His relationship with his other two siblings is near non-existent, though not by his own choice or his own lack of effort.

  • Sister: Itet
    Itet Sonbef.png

Anen's twin, Itet used to be the Belle of the Ball and a bright young woman. Itet and Anen were near inseparable during childhood and while they quarreled later in childhood, they became close again in their teenage years. The Revolution and the destruction of her way of life, in addition to the death of her suitor, hit her hard. Once enthusiastic, bright and vivacious she now whittles her time away on Betazed in a blasé state of mind, engaging in mindless pleasure and consumed with novelty. One couldn't say that she didn't do this before, but now she's less happy and is perpetually and easily bored. She's dead behind the eyes and like her mother, has become something of a tragic figure. Anen often writes her. She never writes back.

  • Brother: Djoser
    Djoser Sonbef.png

Extremely conservative and reactionary, Djoser has a bitter taste in his mouth over the Revolution and where his mother and sister sink into despair and his brothers quickly move on, Djoser has been determined to hock the anti-Revolutionary cause to anyone who will listen. He is something of a leader among the Emigres on Betazed and has organized political machinations on, but has not returned, to Til'ahn. Djoser has taken up the mantle of Lord Sonbef and feels the weight of his fallen House is on his shoulders and that he will make it great again. He cares deeply about his mother and wants to make everything like it was before, for her sake and for his entire family's. His extreme devotion to family and 'the cause' has isolated him from his brothers, who seem more than willing to accept the new reality of a new Til'ahn.

  • Brother: Teos

But a child of 10 when the Revolution occurred, Teos was extremely affected by the uprooting of his family and the destruction of their way of life, but in time, assimilated well into Federation and Betazoid society. Not as political as Djoser or apolitical as Anen, Teos would rather be just a noble, with the privileges that brings. He is engaged to a Lady of the Fourth House of Betazed, though Anen has not yet been invited to their wedding.

  • Other Family:
  • Aunt: Iaret Sonbef
    Iaret Sonbef.png

Anen's favorite, and only surviving, paternal aunt, Iaret was also a bit unconventional. A prolific writer, philosopher and a kind of scientist, Iaret wrote on may subjects including romance, the philosophy of science, ethics, political theory, natural rights, and science fiction. A widely read, lauded, and admired literary figure, Lady Sonbef was a defining figure of Laudean popular culture in the years before First Contact. Married, but with no children, to Grand Duke Shainkur of Govinda, she doted on her nieces and nephews, and was quite close to Anen, often closer than his mother, sometimes to her chagrin. A noted liberal, Iaret was not the object of ire her brother was and was not initially targeted by the Revolutionaries. She was eventually put under house arrest, for her own protection, though this alternated between genuine concern and a desire to contain her. Her brother, sisters and parents were all killed by the Revolutionaries, leaving her and her nieces and nephews the sole survivors of House Imyremeshaw. She continued to live on Til'ahn though rarely made public appearances. She was once again put under house arrest during the Romulan occupation of Til'ahn, but was released as their rule began to fall. Her ideas shaped a generation of thinkers, whether she likes it or not, and remains in the high esteem of many ordinary Laudeans. Lady Iaret herself is a bit reclusive and 'reluctant' does not even begin to describe her resignation to a vaulted place as a founder of modern Til'ahn.

  • Maternal Grandmother: Maathorneferure Reidar

Known for her vitality, humor, grace and intelligence, Princess Maathorneferure "Reyna" Reidar is the first cousin of Empress Meskhenet, the last ruling Empress of Bryque. Her grandfather was Emperor Akhethet and her mother was his youngest daughter, the Princess Addaya, said to be "The Woman of the World's Desire" and the greatest beauty of her generation. Instead of marrying the heir to Tanal as she was supposed to, Addaya married her third cousin Narmer Reidar, from a lesser branch of the family. While it caused a great scandal at the time, the Emperor allowed the two to marry and they had two daughters together, who would also become prominent figures in Bryque. Maathorneferure and her sister Neferneferuaten were also considered great beauties and duels between courtiers were fought over which one was the fairest or if indeed the two girls surpassed their mother in their beauty. While no one ever took a tally, Maathorneferure seemed to have one according to most records. Befittingly, Maathorneferure married the most handsome and eligible Prince on Til'ahn, Prince Aufsten Hallstein. The two had one child, a daughter, Gautseshen, after decades of feared bareness. While certainly not ugly, Gautseshen was never the great, fantastic beauty her mother and grandmother were. She also lacked her mother's magnetism and charisma. Princess Maathorneferure was famous all across Til'ahn for throwing the most exquisite parties, most notably her luncheon salons, which were famously exclusive and intellectually rigorous. Princess Maathorneferure also took an interest in her grandchildren but famously judged Anen to be the "only one of stature". She was off-world at the time of the Great Revolution, becoming the talk of Paris when she accompanied Til'ahn's first off-world delegations. She returned to Til'ahn after the Revolution and after living to be a hundred and twenty, died in 2390, having never seen or spoken to her daughter since the Revolution.


Patareshnes Reidar.png
Friend: Patareshnes Reidar

Anen's fourth cousin and partner in crime, Princess Patareshnes was a fun loving young woman who was there for all of Anen's adventures. A few years older than him, the two never the less had an incredibly close bond and did almost everything together. Patareshnes was also close with Anen's sister Itet and took the young During the Revolution, Patareshnes was visiting friends in Tanal and wasn't able to leave for Lokesh City for a while. This delay might have cost her, her life. Anen isn't sure of anything and has made no attempts to track her down (nor has she if she's alive) but he thinks she died in either the storming of the Palace of Maahes or the Lokesh City spaceport in the final days of the Revolution. Her probable death hit Anen hard, along with the deaths of so many other family members and friends.

Seresia Movar.jpg
Friend: Seresia Movar

Anen's first roommate at the Academy, Seresia was from a somewhat isolated world as well, being a Rodulan. Not originally especially outgoing, Seresia was a typical Idani, but underneath Anen saw a smile that was just waiting to get out. In the aftermath of the Revolution, helping Seresia come into her own socially did wonders for the pain, anger and other strong emotions Anen often tried to hide. They've remained in intermittent contact ever since, with Anen going on to medical school and Seresia getting her first posting in the fleet as an operations officer aboard the USS Madras. She is currently a full Lieutenant and Operations Manager aboard the Madras, and gets to call Anen a little more frequently.


For More Information Please See Excalibur Colleagues

Early Life and Emigration

The pyramids, the cataracts, the parties, the beaches... the life. It's still there I suppose, but not for me.


Maahes Bryque.jpg

Born a noble of House Imyremeshaw of the Kingdom of Bryque on Til'ahn in the city of Maahes, Anen wanted for little as a child. A Prince by birth, Anen's mother was a member of House Reidar and a relative of beloved Empress Meskhenet, while his father's family was of Damodara Commoner extraction, but had been raised to nobility and had produced several Viziers, perhaps due to their close ties with the ever powerful Fielding League. Born a powerful Fielder and into a distinguished Noble (even Royal) House, Anen was predetermined to be destined for great things. Educated by the best tutors, and instilled with a noble value of Noblesse Oblique, in line with Byrque values of Community and cooperation.

Anen was known as a bright, intelligent and enthusiastic child, who was the light of his parent's lives. His interest in the arcane and also the healing arts presented themselves in these early years and he underwent training by the masters of the Fielding League, while also studying areas of medicine and political theory. On the cusp of adulthood, he was recognized as the shining future and favored son of House Imyremeshaw and he was given a token, if official position in the Royal Court beside his father. He later chose to enter the University of Maahes, despite the growing discontent with the Monarchy after first contact, studying to become a medical Doctor.

Early Studies and Revolution

Maahes Aerial.jpg

2380 would prove to be a turbulent year for all of Til'ahn and the University of Maahes was a hotbed for revolutionary activity and democratic thought. While a student of the sciences and a noble himself, Anen couldn't help but be swept up in it. He associated with moderates, much like his mother, though he also engaged in debates with his more radical peers. Eventually those 'radicals' became violent when change proved too slow. In the course of The Great Revolution, Anen was forced to leave his schooling and seek shelter in the palace walls. While he still snuck out to attend rallies, he quickly learned that it would no longer be safe to remain in the city, or even the planet. Anen's father saw a similar situation, especially after brutal massacres of nobles or those sympathetic to the Monarchy all over Til'ahn. His mother Gautseshen had remained in contact with Betazoid nobles who had attended one of the First Contact galas a year earlier, and like many other nobles, arranged to be transported to Betazed.

The Flight

It took weeks for those ships to arrive though and the Revolution was entering its most violent phase. The Palace was almost breached twice and when an evacuation of the royal family was attempted, the arriving shuttles were shot down by small arms fire from the protestors outside. For over two weeks, they were trapped, huddling together in fear of what might come. Eventually, reactionary military forces broke the siege of the Palace and the nobility of Byrque began a mass exodus to Lokesh City, where they boarded any off-world transport they could find. Anen and his family were fortunate to gain passage on one of the first transports to leave, and were quickly ferried to Betazed. All along the trip through Federation space though, news from Til'ahn continued to arrive over subspace. While the details were sketchy, a violent, total planetary coup appeared to be in progress and all of the monarchies of Til'ahn appeared to be falling. Death lists of those nobles who had emigrated were posted by revolutionaries, the members of House Imyremeshaw among them. Once a Prince, Anen was now an exile, with nothing left than an empty title from an insignificant world.

Life in the Federation and Starfleet Academy

My way of life was destroyed by contact with the outside, but it also proved my savior, both physical and spiritual.



Life as an Émigré was not without its struggles, even for the indomitable spirit and smile of Anen. He took the death of his father hard, though rarely showed it as a service to others. His mother sank into a deep despair, one she has, to this date, not come out of. His siblings coped in other ways, most throwing themselves into something to take their minds off of their surroundings as relying on the charity of others. Itet became the mistress of a Betazoid man of the First House, whose hospitality they enjoyed, while Djoser helped to form a council of Émigrés, hoping to gain support for their cause. Anen coped by reading, reading everything he could, in a way, continuing his studies that had been so rudely interrupted.

While he would never admit it, part of Anen was glad to be rid of the responsibility, obligations and other entanglements that came with being nobility. For the first time, he found himself able to chart his own path without any preconceptions or predeterminations. He was free to chose and after many months of thinking, he once again set on the path to become a Doctor.

This was a fairly innocuous decision until Anen made the astounding decision to join Starfleet. As a person granted asylum, he didn't need a letter of recommendation, and was able to enter the Academy in the Fall of 2381.

The Early Academy

SF Academy and Aerial.jpg

A man from a somewhat technologically backward and isolated people, Anen's first months at the Academy were a complete culture shock. While he had learned enough complex knowledge required to enter the Academy, he found his knowledge of things like the advanced sciences and the entire history and culture of the Federation to be a bit alien. He had to work extremely hard in these opening months to catch himself up to speed on what it seemed was just about everything. While Anen had received a stellar education by Laudean standards, it had gaping holes in the context of advanced Federation knowledge.

Fending totally for himself was also a bit of a minor, but persistent struggle. Not only separated from his family, but also the comfort and services of his noble rank, Anen found that while he might have been a rugged individualist and independent by the standards of a nobleman, he was not nearly as self-sufficient as everyone else. Learning to pick up after himself, get himself out of bed and perform the daily minutia like everyone else was a steep learning curve for the somewhat pampered Prince. Adding to that the intensive and rigorous studies of the Academy, Anen's perpetually happy demeanor was strained under the stress of so much new knowledge, experiences and cultures. Anen also had some difficulty with Federation Standard and to this day is a bit hopeless without the Translator.

Later Years

It took quite a while but by the end of his sophomore year, Anen had acclimated well to Federation society, finding it to be his kind of place and Starfleet his corner of it. He enjoyed the nightlife of San Francisco and the many knew things he got to experience just on Earth. His mind utterly exploded in wonder during his final two years at the Academy when he was exposed to the vastness of space and the many worlds and cultures that comprised the Federation. During his Cadet Cruise aboard the USS Shanghai, he slept not in quarters, but in the a small storage room with a view of the stars, reflecting his sometimes childlike curiosity and sense of wonder at the Galaxy he had only recently been exposed to.

Medical School and Early Postings

"I might be from a planet not ten years out of its first warp tests Commander, but I've been around."

Starfleet Medical Academy

Anen's years in Medical School were a series of parties and adventures, fun and revelry that while never getting totally out of control, was never exactly tame. Anen studied hard and blew off steam anyway he could, the other students felt similarly. While his classmates went all out, Anen was always a bit more subdued, reveling not so much in drink and fun as the experience of doing new things in a new culture. His homeland was very touristy and as a noble, he had experiences with wild parties, but there was something different about going out as a student with a bunch of friends, peers, and doing odd little things on top of partying. It was profoundly 'normal' to him, and he enjoyed it immensely.

Anen often took the time to travel during his school breaks, journeying to Africa (specifically Egypt and Kenya), Australia, Chile, the state of Kerala in India and Iraq on Earth and parts of Vulcan, Andoria and Betazed. He also read voraciously on the history and culture of the Federation worlds, and while his knowledge is spotty at best, he is quickly catching up on decades, if not centuries of history that others take for granted.

Anen graduated in the early summer of 2389, and was assigned to a short, five month rotation on Starbase 118 as a junior Medical officer. His graduation from Medical School was one of the happiest days of his life and the fulfillment of many earlier dreams. Unburdened by the responsibilities and obligations of his noble rank, he was finally able to pursue life on his own terms and had a profession he could call his own. More than that, he had earned it all without his family's title, rank or assistance. Perhaps befittingly, none of them attended his graduation ceremony.

Starbase 118

Anen's time on Starbase 118 was short, but left a profound imprint on him. His first assignment and first true exposure to the rhythm and culture of life not just in Starfleet proper but also in deep space, Anen found his rotation on the Starbase daunting, exciting and trying all at the same time, and he reveled in it. During this time he would first meet Kalianna Nicholotti, his one-time and future Commanding Officer. He observed her promotion to Captain and the rest of the dramatic events that occurred on Starbase 118 in the later half of 2389, before being rotated off station to his first true assignment.

The Mandela

His education formally complete and his acclimation to Starfleet and the practical applications of his medical knowledge deemed a success, Anen was transferred to an ageing Excelsior Class ship, the USS Mandela. The Mandela was assigned a survey and patrol route along the 'western' edge of the Federation, from the Badlands to the Tezenkethi and Ferengi borders. During this time Anen served with distinction, most notably during the rescue of a Sheliak dignitary and treating the crew of a damaged Ferengi Marauder. While he accidentally placed the Marauder's Damon into a coma and is still being sued for mal-practice by other members of the Marauder's crew, Anen's service was duly noted by the ship's captain, Lucien Al-Kadir. Captain Al-Kadir and Anen would grow exponentially closer when a mysterious Cardassian came aboard the ship after being rescued. This Cardassian was a noted war criminal and Captain Al-Kadir blamed him for the deaths of his wife and children in the Cardassian Wars.

The events set in motion by this incredible happenstance would taint several careers and drive the Mandela into decommissioning. When Captain Al-Kadir tried to kill the Cardassian, Anen stopped him, igniting the Captain's fury. The Cardassian then managed to escape the Mandela and Captain Al-Kadir sent his ship and crew on a brutal manhunt all over the sector for the better part of two weeks. When they finally came across the Cardassian, Captain Al-Kadir ordered his ship to be destroyed. Later, during his court martial, Captain Al-Kadir sought Anen's consult about the preceding events, stating that killing the Cardassian had not made him feel any better. After a long conversation, Captain Al-Kadir resigned but in his last official act as Captain, promoted Anen to Lieutenant and had him transferred to the USS Halcyon, an experimental uprated Prometheus Class Long-Range Tactical Explorer.

The Halcyon

Anen's assignment on the Halcyon wasn't particularly eventful for his development as a Starfleet officer, at least not on paper. Despite his increase in rank, he was still fulfilling many of the same duties he had on the Mandela, being one Doctor out of many (or in this case four) and still not a Chief Medical Officer, or Assistant Chief for that matter. The Halcyon was often tasked with delicate missions of importance as well as tactical operations, which gave Anen a taste of danger, secrecy and more than a few crash courses in battlefield medicine. He also came across many alien physiologies and his Fielding abilities were sometimes called upon. This brought him to the Command staff's attention and he was often on call for the bridge crew when they required him, sometimes in favor of the Halcyon's crass, abrasive and petty CMO, Lieutenant Commander Devin Glosser. Anen eventually drew the Commander's ire but the Captain and first officer's respect and friendship. Unable to do much of anything about Commander Glosser, the Captain of the Halcyon had Anen put in for a transfer, with his consent. His multitude of experience over many mission types in deep space made him a prime candidate for a medical position aboard the USS Excalibur, a Vesta Class ship recently relaunched under his former CO, Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti. The Excalibur's variable mission profile on the edge of explored space called for officer's with broad experience and Anen was one of them. In early 2392, Anen left the Halcyon and went to Starbase 118 to join the rest of the crew for the launch ceremony.

Time on the Excalibur

For More Information Please See Sonbef, Anen/Excalibur

Time on the Columbia

After the sudden decommissioning of the Excalibur, Anen was reassigned to the USS Columbia as their newest Science Officer. While a trained biochemist and adept in the scientific method, Anen initially felt out of his element on the mission to Avronis, a return mission for most of the crew. While he did not readily express it, Anen was discouraged by his sudden reassignment and the loss of so many blossoming relationships with his staff on the Excalibur. After the mission to Avronis, Anen took a personal leave of absence, at first returning to Earth for a time. Soon after though, he received an invitation to his youngest brother, Teos', wedding on Betazed and departed at once.

Starfleet Service Record

Serial Number: VS - 108 - 427
Training Facility Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, 2381-2385
Major Biochemistry
Minors Biology and History
Commissioned 2385
Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
01-Ens-Teal.png Ensign 2385 - 2389 Starfleet Medical Academy
Medical Student
01-Ens-Teal.png Ensign 2389 - 2389 Starbase 118
Medical Officer
2389 - 2390 USS Mandela
02-LtJG-Teal.png Lieutenant JG 2390 - 2392 USS Halcyon
2392 USS Excalibur-A
2392 USS Columbia
Science Officer

SIM Archive

Excalibur Reclaimed: Anen reports to his new assignment, witnessing a rousing speech by his former CO, Kalianna Nicholotti and being informed of her rebirth.
Don't Look Back[1]: Anen does as he is ordered to do and performs an off the books physical on Major Irina Pavlova which leads to a discussion on time and life in the past.


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Additional Notes

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Anen Sonbef
Science Officer
USS Columbia
Gender: Male
Race: Laudean
DOB: 236207.03
POB: Maahes, Til'ahn
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