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|NAME = Solek
|NAME = Solek
|SHIP = Starbase 118
|SHIP = Starbase 118
|RANK = Lt.Cmdr
|RANK = Lt. Commander
|POST = Diplomat
|POST = Diplomat
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He is currently up to 211 proficient languages, sub-dialects and culture traits. 144 - subpar, 292 - enough to not have to use a translator. Reading and writing is significantly more due to the early interest. And it grows more every day.   
He is currently up to 211 proficient languages, sub-dialects and culture traits. 144 - subpar, 292 - enough to not have to use a translator. Reading and writing is significantly more due to the early interest. And it grows more every day.   
Current total: 647
Current total: 647
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Starbase 118
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Position Diplomat
Rank Lt. Commander
Species Vulcan
Gender Male
DOB 229712.24
Age 101
Birthplace Ta’Raan, Vulcan

Solek is a diplomat in StarFleet and a traveling Ambassador in the Vulcan Diplomatic Corps when needed. He is multilingual due to the nature of his work and therefore has been given high classification within Starfleet intelligence as Cultural Advisory Consultant.


  • Full Name: Solek Ku’Vel’Raa’Kur
  • Race: Vulcan
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: T/5


  • Height: 6’3”
  • Weight: 250lbs
  • Hair Color: Wispy brown, early hint of gray - which seemed to run in the family
  • Length of Hair: Short
  • Eye Color: Dark brown, almost black
  • Skin Tone: Slight tan.
  • Birthmarks, Scars: Medical records show scaring on left knee and up left thigh.
  • Build: Healthy, fit. More body builder than runner.
  • Face: Somewhat worn. Oval.
  • Eyes: Keen and observant. He speaks volumes with his eyes if one pays attention
  • Mouth: Set in a strict line. Thin lips that sometimes are seen in a “sour pose”
  • Arms: Long and built. His arms are unusually long so long sleeves have to be tailored special
  • Legs: Athletic, use to standing for long periods of time.
  • Carriage: Upright, assured and confident.
  • Poses : He faces people when they are talking to him. Rests one arm across his chest and rests the other arm; elbow on other arm and hand up holding his chin - The thinking pose.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Always on duty. Dress clothes. Suits or suit like outfits. Blacks and gray are preferred suit colors, Blues on rare occasions
  • Shoes: Black boots
  • Voice: Steady and cool. Tenor.
  • Handedness: Both


  • Quarters: Clean and organized. Has an odd collection of nick-nacks from the worlds he’s visited.
  • Favorite Room: Favoritism is not logical.
  • Habits: Clenching his teeth, or locking his jaw.
  • Mannerisms: Quiet until needed. He’s considered a bit of a smooth talker. Humor is not lost on him, and often times he spouts off a good burn or rebound if the time is appropriate.
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: Reading and writing. He writes to distract himself during hectic times or to clear his head, even to help with meditation. Usually poetry or abstract short stories. Reads anything and everything. Even subjects not related to things he is familiar with he reads.
  • Likes: Honesty and truth. Foreign languages. Dancing - though would never say so.
  • Dislikes: Liers, including white lies.
  • Ambitions and Goals: To achieve the highest position he is fitted for.
  • Achievements in Life: Being accepted into the Vulcan Academy, later StarFleet. Being accepted into the Vulcan diplomacy committee and later working with Federation Diplomats and ambassadors. To have been had picked by Starfleet intelligence due to his language talents
  • Disappointments in Life: No moment in life is worth being disappointed over.
  • Temperament: Extreeeeeeemely hard to temper.
  • Mental problems: Medical records say, No. But anyone who knows him would say he was a little mental in regards to his shared sense of humor.
  • Physical Limitations: Giving Birth


  • Marital Status: Divorced - Lady L’Var, Divorced Lady T’Valia
  • Children: N/A
  • Parents: Muroc & Mitrani Ku’Vel’Raa’Kur
    • Father: Muroc - On the Vulcan High Council
    • Mother: Mitrani - Clan mother and Archeologist
  • Siblings:
    • Satok - Older Brother - Being groomed to take Father’s place
    • Sarissa - Baby Sister - Musician


Solek was the middle child to Muroc and Mitrani, second son. Just like his siblings, it seemed, he was more to one extreme. His older brother was far more the wild child, who required disciplinary actions well into his adult life. His baby sister was an emotional wreck, who had to fight the urge to cry over the littlest of things. Solek was more of the “shhh, don’t speak” kind, a reclusive character who could easily go weeks without speaking to anyone. Infact his parents were concerned he was a mute until he was almost four and he spoke up about there being a fire in the kitchen. And the only reason he had said anything was because no one else took notice but him.

Despite the lack of interest he had with vocalizing interaction, he was quite the charmer. Smooth words came with ease it seemed to most. Though most never knew how much he read or watched to be able to do any of it. Languages became an interest due to the variety of it. Though not one to talk more than he had too. One could suppose it came about from reading so much and wanting to read more. More meant otherworldly writings. Which meant new languages.

He was betrothed to L’Var when he was 7 years old, a prestigious protogyny for her family. After the ceremony they would not speak to each other until wedding preparations were starting to be discussed. He was being excepted into the Vulcan Diplomatic Corps and they thought it best to have everything dealt with before he started to travel. L’Var would protest, however, saying he was not worthy to father her children, or to have her as a member of his family. That she would have to lower her current standard of living and it was simply out of the question. It bothered him some, but he let her go. If she wasn’t going to be satisfied with him there was no use in fighting it. Plus he saw one of her monthly bills and he was content to not have to pay for that. She did become agitated when he just let her go, which only got her a raised eyebrow and a look.

He went off and continued to advance into his career. After a few more missions he would arrive home to another woman to marry, who would be little more than a foot note and some head scratching. They would only be married for 2 months, when she would fall off the deep end, also unable to handle the idea of him being gone for long periods of time. Her own mental health played a part in the dissolving of their marriage. It wouldn’t effect him nearly as much as the his first. He had grown up and found his own center enough to walk away with little more than a moment's pause as he watched her leave.

He had changed and became for more accepting of those not of the norm. No surprises seeing as his own family walked in such light. He found enthusiasm and sudden freedom in the acceptance of a rather profound Rodulan belief in regards to others, of how people came and went and it shouldn’t be with hate. He spent long months surrounded by other cultures, all having a slight input on his behavior. The one thing most absorbed, in general, was humor. Though he had a fondness for the dryer of the comedic scene.

There was still a question of a mate, something that loomed in the background. His mother quite concerned with his inability to bond. Though she knew it wasn’t just him that caused both marriages to dissolve.

His diplomatic career has taken him to many worlds, for the majority being in the Corps was enough, but for a few having someone a member of StarFleet eased the way. So Solek joined, more like Major Kira from DS9, than fully enlisted. At least that was how it started. There was some draws to being a full officer and after a few years he graduated, one of the oldest members to do so. He climbed the ranks with ease, making connection everywhere he went. For one who wasn’t a social butterfly and didn’t care to talk, he had done enough to know a great deal of people. He still works with the Vulcan diplomatic Corps and jumps ships often due to where he is more needed. But Starfleet intelligence tended to keep him occupied in between talks. They were thrilled at his ability to communicate with ease and having took the time to learn the nuances and quirks of different cultures. Making him useful for them and the diplomats.

He is currently up to 211 proficient languages, sub-dialects and culture traits. 144 - subpar, 292 - enough to not have to use a translator. Reading and writing is significantly more due to the early interest. And it grows more every day. Current total: 647