Lieutenant Solan is currently a counselor aboard the StarBase 118 Ops.


  • Full Name: Solan
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant
  • Race: Vulcan
  • Date of Birth: 228901.27
  • Place of Birth: Lanthar Plains, Vulcan
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: T2 | E2 | Telepathic/Empathic Scale


  • Height: 5’-11” (1.8m)
  • Weight: 190 lbs (86kg)
  • Hair Color: Black, straight, in a typical Vulcan cut.
  • Eye Color: Dark brown
  • Appearance: Solan has very light skin and finely chiseled handsome features, marred by a thorough lack of expression. He is extremely cleanly and put together, but otherwise unmemorable.


  • Spouse: T'Kira (98, Federation Diplomat)
  • Children Son: Saran (72, Starfleet Ensign, serving on the Vulcan crewed scientific vessel USS T’PRING)
  • Children Daughter: T’Paq (65, Acolyte, studying under her Aunt)
  • Parents
    • Father: Sovat, (174, Scientist at the Vulcan Science Institute)
    • Mother: T'Lara (Deceased - Bendii Syndrome)
  • Siblings Sister: T’Lurel (119, Priestess of the Kolinar)


Twenty years ago Solan would have thought he would have spent the rest of his life on Vulcan researching neurochemistry and neurology, peaceful in his choice of studies and staying in communion with his family and extended family. But that was before his mother, T’Lara, developed Bendii Syndrome at the painfully young age of 146.

For the next three years Solan was driven to research the neurological illness, defying the bounds of logic in an almost desperate attempt to find a cure for the incurable. At the same time he became his mother’s closest caretaker – suffering the brunt of her telepathic emotional projections. When she died, three years after diagnosis, Solan was crushed and his emotional barricades crumbled like sandstone beaten by the relentless winds of the harsh Vulcan desert.

His faith in medical science was shaken that day, and he wavered between unbecoming bouts of anger and depression. Finally Solan decided to re-cleanse himself by the ritual of Kohlinar. He spent five years attaining enlightenment and purging emotions and in the end he came to two conclusions: the first was that true enlightenment came from neither blind denial nor failure to acknowledge emotion. No, in fact the highest illumination was reserved for those who keenly understood emotions and chose to eschew them in favor of the course of pure logic. The second was that despite the depth of research that the Vulcan Science Academy had, he believed that breadth of experience might be what was needed to break through to new discoveries.

As his children were well set with their lives and his wife was used to traveling and connecting with him when opportunity presented itself, Solan found it logical to expand his horizons. He enrolled in Starfleet Academy, in the hope that other cultures might provide him with the spark of an idea he needed to solve the medical mystery he was so intent on solving.

While the medical facility on Starbase Epsilon VII was state of the art and well staffed, it wasn’t the breadth of experience Solan was hoping for. A mere three months after his posting he suggested to Starfleet Medical that it would be logical to test his expertise in the field. Certainly there would be a starship that could use a Vulcan counselor who was an expert in neurochemistry and neuropharmacology.

He was transferred to the USS Excalibur in late 2390, to cover the loss of Counselor Taybrim's transfer to the USS Darwin, and remains onboard to assist the new counseling staff as they arrive.

Personality Profile

Favorite Drink: water Preferred Food: Plomeek soup

Hobbies & Interests: Though Solan publicly states that he believes recreation is illogical, he does indulge in: meditation, studying genetics and neurochemistry, and vegetarian cooking.

Goals: To find a cure for rare genetic diseases, and to learn as much as he can from the medical and counseling officers he serves with.

Personality: Many people would say Solan lacks a personality. He takes very careful measures to restrain his emotions to the utmost, and undergoes frequent meditations and rituals to purge them. But if you dig deeper, he is a very devout, focused, inquiring, academic and compassionate man. Some would call him arrogant. Solan has a unique viewpoint on the struggle with emotions and believes that most any species can benefit from a deeper understand and control of their emotions. He is also a highly flexible thinker, seeing logic in actions that may on the surface appear illogical if they have a deeper connection to creating peaceful and valuable bonds between people.

Professional Notes

While he has only been part of Starfleet for a short time, Solan has multiple degrees and accolades for his scientific and medical research from his civilian life.

As an adult in the Academy, Solan's academic performance was immaculate, and he has a perfect Starfleet record.

He was posted for a short time at the Epsilon VII Medical Facility, before being transferred to the USS Excalibur-A on stardate: 239012.17