Snow Radiation Inoculation

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2399, Vol. 324, No. 5
A new type of radiation inoculation.

Elizabeth Snow


The USS Chin’toka was investigating a ship in the Langosta Nebula when they discovered a mix of different radiations that the current inoculation wouldn’t be effective enough to protect anyone who was inside the nebula for long. As well as there were a few members of the crew that were pregnant and could not receive the inoculation for the risk it imposed on the unborn children.

Next Step

The next step was to create a medication to not only protect an individual from long term exposure of the different radiations, but to also make it safe for those who were pregnant.


After many different formulas and tests, one proved to be successful. Once given the new inoculation, it adapts to the specific individual and protects them for up to three hours longer than the original. Unless, of course, in the presence of extremely high radiation; even it has its limits.


After administered, the crew reported no side effects to the inoculation and remained unharmed during their exposure time. As well as, the fetuses, who also remained unaffected by both the medication and the radiation as expected.