Slipstream (Vigilant)

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Deep Space Six
The Vigilant had been in a middle of a shore leave while docked with Deep Space Six. Which coincided with the installment of the new slipstream drive, by some of the station personnel. It started with an attack on the Promenade deck on station and a number of Vigilant crew members were taken hostage in the Nebula bar. At the same time terrorists took over main perations and sent a force to secure the slipstream drive that was just about to be sent to the Vigilant. During the attack the Commanding officer of the station was critically injured and so was Captain Herrera of the Vigilant who was on the Promenade deck.

Station security and Vigilant forces quickly retook the promenade deck. Forcing the Zalkonian forces to retreat, but not abandon their goal of getting the technology. Meanwhile they tried to take the Slipstream drive from engineering. Captain Herrera was transferred to the Vigilant, with the other wounded personnel. Lt.Commander Eerie took over as officer of the deck on the Vigilant, while Commander Reinard took over complete command of the situation from the liberated operations of Deep Space Six once it was retaken by Lt. Commander Handley Leo-Page. The Zalkonian terrorists had successfully sabotaged the defense systems of the station. After engineering was cleared of infiltrators, the drive was beamed over to the Vigilant. The Vigilant provided sensors for the still blind station, as they worked to get the systems back online. The Vigilant picked up three heavy cruisers on an intercept course to the station. Eerie ordered an intercept course. The USS Vigilant conducted a number of hit and run raids on the attacking vessels and finally find the protection from the station, when their defenses systems came back on line. Meanwhile, they attempted to get the new drive operational.

In the process of beaming personnel over to that station to interrogate prisoners a strike team was beamed on Vigilant by the Zalkonians. However, security personnel make quick work of them, and finally escaped using the slipstream drive. With the Vigilant and the slipstream drive out of reach the remaining Zalkonians ships retreated.