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For the prime timeline character, see Sky Blake.
USS Veritas
Sky Blake
Position Commanding Officer
Rank Commander
Species Brekkian/Betazoid
Gender Female
DOB 236306.13
Age 37
Birthplace Kekorna (Delos IV)

Commander Sky Blake is a Starfleet officer and commanding officer of the USS Veritas. She first served as the ship's first officer under the command of Captain Rosa Carrero after Commander Zhou Tai-Sheng was killed on Shadow's Edge in late 2393. She assumed command of Veritas after Carrero herself was killed in a conflict with the Tholians in late 2395.

In the prime timeline, it was Captain Carrero who was killed on Shadow's Edge, and Captain Roshanara Rahman succeeded her as commanding officer of Veritas.

Early Life

In January 2391, Sky Blake awoke in a Brekkian medical facility with no recollection of the previous 15 years of her life, or that of her husband Sabor and their two children - one of which had only recently been born. With nowhere else to go, she reluctantly accepts Sabor’s offer to stay with him for at least a few days. As time passes, she grows more trusting of Sabor, as she begins to understand the telepathic bond between them.

The following four months sees Sabor update Blake on the current events occurring in the quadrant and her history and time in Starfleet as they rekindle their relationship. Though she re-accepts his proposal to marry him, she refuses to leave her homeworld, and Sabor is unwilling to force the issue. This choice ultimately results in Sabor’s death, as the two become caught in a fire-fight between the Brekkian military and an extremist group attempting to destroy an Ornaran embassy. Sabor is mistakenly shot by military personnel, fatally wounded, and is pronounced deceased on stardate 239105.01.

Days later, still in shock and without an adequate support network, Blake leaves her two children with her mother on Brekka, believing them to be better off without her—abandoning them to live a solitary life on Ornara as she comes to terms with Sabor’s death.


Zhou Tai-Sheng finds Blake living on the Ornaran homeworld in 2392, working with law enforcement to rid her area of residence of further crime incited by black market drug trade. She is approached in a bar winding down from a days work—after some minor convincing, she agrees to assist the USS Veritas with Brekkian drug cartels around Meridian, and was assigned to the Veritas as the ship’s strategic operations officer for the ongoing Operation Safe Harbor under the provisional rank of Lieutenant Commander. With no clear recollection of her Starfleet experience, she studies and receives on-the-job training by the Veritas crew.

After a few months with a provisional rank, Captain Rosa Carrero grants her the rights and privileges of Lieutenant Commander.


Continuing to serve on Veritas, Blake headed directly for Shadow's Edge to assist the small research settlement of Cakapunnual with ending hostile raids on their resources, working closely with colonial marshal Tydo. Shortly before being recalled to the Veritas, Blake took possession of a two-hundred-year-old EM-33 plasma pistol, of which had been smuggled into the settlement illegally, intending to locate its origin within the Shoals.

When patrolling the main colony, news of Zhou's death broke. Blake immediately contacted the Veritas, recalling the crew members on the planet back to the vessel. Blake would arrange a memorial service for Zhou, and Carrero assigned the still-mourning Brekkazoid as first officer.


Blake assumes command of Veritas after Captain Carrero is killed in a conflict with the Tholians late in the year.


Blake and Veritas are tasked with pursuing pirates behind a series of mysterious heists.

Additional Information

This alternate iteration of Sky Blake was played by the writer of Roshanara Rahman, with the graceful permission of Blake's original writer, to allow both prime Blake and alt-Blake to interact with each other through regular simming during the Pirates of the Quantum Realms (Veritas) mission.