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Sky Blake

  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weight: 73 kilos
  • Blood Type: HC- (Coboglobin-based blood chemistry)
  • T/E Rating: T0


  • Chronic Illnesses: Cold intolerance
  • Medications: None
  • Allergies and Reactions: Raktajino, Klingon shell squid (vomiting)
  • Sexual/Reproductive History: Long-term history with Vulcan male. Casual history with Human male.
  • First child, born 2389
  • Second child, born 2391


  • 2391:
    • Recovery from surgery, Brekka
  • SD 239301.05:
    • Blake was admitted to Sickbay following a migraine and nose bleed, and she reported that her short-term recall seemed to be impaired (unable to recall earlier movements in the day or the day before and names of crew members). Scans indicated she had suffered a seizure within her temporal lobe, and she was relieved of duty for the rest of the week to be monitored. Though the incident had been distressing for her, Blake made a full recovery, and her self reports seem to indicate that her short term memory returned.
  • SD 239503.08:
    • Blake reported to Sickbay with a "stabbing pain" in her temples and a nose bleed, and had no recollection of her movements earlier in the day. Scans indicated that she had suffered another seizure within her temporal lobe, possibly due to stress. She was relieved of duty for the week to be monitored, though unlike her previous "episode", she has so far been unable to recall her experiences just prior to the seizure's occurrence. Blake must now have fortnightly check-ups with doctors in Sickbay.
  • SD 239601.08:
    • Blake is brought in as an emergency patient to the Limbo medical tent following a snake bite. She's treated with anti-venom, though still goes into shock. Her condition is stabilized, though she remains unconscious for at least two days. She is hospitalized for a following two weeks.
  • SD 239608.26:
    • Blake remains a near-permanent resident in Sickbay for approximately four months while progress was made on a replacement spinal cord, in a particle field designed by Geoffrey Teller to maintain the integrity of her spine.


  • SD 238808.11: Reconstruction and reconnection of lower spine.
    • Surgeon: Doctor Curtis
    • OR Site: USS Challenger-A
    • Op Note: Illegal use of thalaron particles, converted into metaphasic particles through an experimental procedure. Blake made a full recovery.
  • SD 239002.14: Damage to left eye is repaired.
  • SD 239101.07: 'Removal' of telepathic lobe to correct chemical imbalance.
    • Surgeon: Unknown
    • OR Site: Brekka (Lornae State Medical Facility)
    • Op Note: Blake was diagnosed with retrograde amnesia following this surgery.
  • SD: 239702.19: Spinal cord replacement.
    • Surgeon: Doctor Addison MacKenzie
    • OR Site: USS Veritas
    • Op Note: The metaphasic particles created through Doctor Curtis' experimental procedure in 2388 began slowly degrading back into thalaron particles, causing decay within Blake's spinal cord. A new spinal cord was built using old biometric data by Geoffrey Teller.



  • Alcohol: Uncertain (colleagues report use to be frequent)
  • Recreation Drugs: None
  • Other: None


  • Mother: None
  • Father: Substance abuse
  • Siblings: None


  • Marital status: Single (engages in casual relationships)
  • Children: 1 daughter, 1 son
  • Occupation/Assignment: Ranger
  • Diet: Vegetarian
  • Exercise: Kick boxing, gymnastics


  • SD 238909.15 - Medical Officer: Talya Robins, USS Avandar
  • Pain and blurriness in Blake's left eye is logged. Due to mission at hand, there was no time to safely operate and fix the damage.

  • SD 239004.07 - Medical Officer: Pouge Romey, USS Avandar
  • Knife wound to right shoulder. Bandaged but due to state of the Avandar, proper treatment is unavailable.
    • SD 239004.27: Properly treated.

  • SD 239011.20 - Medical Officer: Dale McGregor, USS Avandar
  • Blake came into Sickbay with complaints of feeling sluggish and exhausted. I gave her suggested foods and she is to have a follow-up appointment.

  • SD 239101.09 - Chief Medical Officer: Velana, MD, USS Vigilant
  • Check up and physical completed.

  • SD 239309.26 - Medical Officer: Raj Blueheart, USS Venture (USS Invicta)
  • Field treatment of broken collar bone. The splintered end narrowly missed the anterolateral subclavicular artery.

  • SD 239312.06 - Medical Officer: Shrmoa, MD, USS Veritas
  • Following an incident in Cakapunnual, Blake came into Sickbay for treatments to bruising and a cracked rib. She also complained of a mild headache.

  • SD 239410.09 - Chief Medical Officer: Nikki Ryan, MD, USS Veritas
  • Blake came into Sickbay with complaints of a burning sensation in both arms. Due to frequent use, she had caused some damage to the perineurium surrounding the peripheral nerves in her wrist and forearm associated with her Hunter’s organ. Blake was required to undergo regenerative therapy for the next four weeks.

  • SD 239411.17 - Medical Officer: Unknown, IKS Dennas
  • Suffered a broken nose during a struggle with Klingon officers on Outpost 3. Nose was reset by medical officer.

  • SD 239601.08 - Medical Officer: Cole Maxwell, MD, USS Veritas
  • Treatment of snake bite. General anti-venom was unsuccessful and resulted in Blake going into shock, but a proper antidote was synthesized.

  • SD 239608.26 - Assistant Chief Medical Officer: Addison MacKenzie, MD, USS Veritas
  • Commander Blake came in this morning presenting with a severe migraine and nose-bleeding. According to her medical record, her lower spine needed to be reconstructed and reconnected after a knife wound. The successful surgery involved converting thalaron particles into metaphasic particles in a procedure not condoned by the Federation…I don’t know anything about the procedure that was done - access to those particular records are restricted, even with my clearance… but I hypothesize that the initial procedure, while appearing successful, was only a temporary fix, and what we’re going to see is the degradation of her spine due to the instability of thalaron particles.
  • Blake remains a near-permanent resident in Sickbay from 239608 to 239612 while progress was made on a replacement spinal cord. She becomes semi-active once more following a ship-wide emergency.
  • Due to the classified nature of thalaron research, Captain Roshanara Rahman refused to release the medical logs and data pertaining to the original treatment of Blake in 2388. This log notes Doctor Addison MacKenzie's "obligation in this instance is to Commander Blake – and her children. I must strenuously object to your decision to not release the medical files to us."
    • SD 239610.04: CMO Doctor Nic del Vedova was enlisted to assist with Blake's case.
    • SD 239612.30: Doctor Tenzin Zhou is enlisted to assist with Blake's case.

  • SD 239712.04 - Medical Officer: Emi, MD, USS Veritas
  • Blake's eyes suffer exposure to flourine while on an away mission, causing a chemical reaction within her eyes, sealing them shut. Emi successfully treats Blake, but her eyesight remains very poor and her irises become discoloured, indicating damage.

  • SD 239712.08 - Physician Assistant: Ikaia Wong, USS Veritas
  • Blake undergoes a follow-up for her eyes. She is still unable to see clearly and her irises are discoloured, but she is expected to recover in time.


  • 2394, initial report
  • Blake suffers a form of retrograde amnesia, unable to remember most events of her life prior to a single point in time. She has thus far been unclear as to what the trigger event is, though one can only assume that Blake herself is unsure of the event. At this point, the trauma seems to vary between two points - the surgery she undertook of which removed her telepathic abilities, and the death of her Vulcan bondmate Sabor. Her recruitment back to the Starfleet to serve aboard the USS Veritas by Captain Rosa Carrero and Commander Zhou Tai-Sheng was looked upon with great distaste by Starfleet Medical and Starfleet Security. Unable to remember details of her time as an officer, let alone actual training, she'd been required to undergo training by Veritas staff - most of which she either remembered as muscle memory, or found familiar and was able to immediately pick back up. She makes sound judgements, perhaps a little bold, whilst on duty, capable of accurate reporting and has even proved a capable leader when required. Physically, she is in perfect health, but doctors have been unable to determine if her amnesia will correct itself, or if it will only deteriorate over time. Because of this, and despite all satisfactory test results, Blake is required to undergo frequent physicals to track brain activity, in hopes to catch symptoms of deterioration or recovery.
    It has been determined that Blake goes through a survivors guilt, blaming herself and the choices she claims to have made surrounding Sabor's death. Due to the nature of the strange connection she shared with Sabor, she can describe in great (and, quite frankly, disturbing) detail how his death felt, though has refused to elaborate the exact circumstance it occurred. She has stated that sometimes this feels as though she has lost a lung. Through the two years she has been a patient of Doctor Shrmoa - whom acted both as her doctor and her counselor - it has been reported that she has gone through a great growth in opening up with her crew and medical staff, though should still be watched closely, with many of her friends or fellow crew members fearing a lapse into alcoholism as a coping method. Her medicals, however, have all been clear, and she has not once been intoxicated whilst on duty, or within the public areas of the Veritas. Though in an ongoing and casual relationship with the ship's First Officer (now stationed aboard Star Station Esperance), Blake still grieves for her lost husband.
    Doctor Shrmoa states that having Blake talk about her two children, Faith and Ayden, "is like pulling teeth". It is believed that Ayden suffers frequent health problems due to his Brekkian, Betazoid and Vulcan parentage, and other than the boy suffering from lapses in energy, she has not elaborated further. There have been no details of her daughter, Faith, other than she and her brother are in the care of their uncle and aunt on Ornara.