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Sky Blake

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  • Born: 236306.13 (33 years old), Kekorna (Delos IV)
  • Mother: Lila Cole
  • Father: Rex Blake
  • Marital status: Widowed
  • Spouse: Sabor (deceased, 2391)
  • Children:
  • Other relatives:
    • Syb (brother-in-law)
    • Veusa (sister-in-law)
    • Naminae Vataix (aunt)
    • Rivi Vataix (cousin)
    • Istrol Vataix (nephew)

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Lieutenant Commander Sky Blake is the Chief of Security aboard the USS Veritas. She also serves as a ranger for the Bajak Laut Sector.

Of Brekkian and Betazoid heritage, born on the Brekkian homeworld of Delos IV, Blake the widow of Lieutenant Sabor, and mother of two children (Faith and Ayden Blake). She is related to the Eleventh House of Betazed through her mother Lila Cole, though isn't enthralled in the Betazoid politics surrounding the noble Houses.



Blake is of a calm and collected temperament, receptive to criticism, and is a cool-headed thinker unwilling to take unnecessary risks. As evidenced by discussions with her crew mates Kelrod (about how to proceed when arresting a higher ranking Starfleet officer) and Chythar Skyfire (regarding her more recent seizures and memory loss), she is willing to follow the instructions of others even when she's not entirely convinced of their merits. In fact, she relies on her crew mates counsel for most matters, as despite having served in the Shoals for longer than her fellow senior staff members, the reality is she has the least amount of experience as a Starfleet officer, due to retrograde amnesia. She will ask questions and press superior officers when she believes more information is required for herself and or the crew, though never usually does so guns-blazing.

Blake is occasionally referred to the 'doom and gloom' character by her fellow crew, and has been heard verbalizing worst case scenarios sometimes to a point of fault - though she is not without positivity. She surrounds herself deliberately with colour, having subscribed rather heavily into Ornaran colour psychology, and is considerably bright and charismatic when faced with relaxed social settings that don't involve her Starfleet uniform. Off duty on a colony world or civilian station and with no prior commitments, Blake can usually be found in a bar, chatting up locals and becoming suspiciously cozy with the bartender.

It is evident that Blake takes her job and learned mannerisms within the Shoals seriously, as she thoroughly believes in the rules of engagement set for the area. Because of this, she is considered by her fellow crew to have a particularly 'sharp' demeanor. When irritated, she becomes considerably cold and blunt, but if Blake is known for one thing, it's that she hardly ever raises her voice to others. She dislikes speaking of her personal life whilst on duty, though is still mildly uncomfortable doing so off-duty (though this seems to occur more with those who knew her prior to her retiring Starfleet service aboard the USS Vigilant).

Her bond-mate, Sabor, was reportedly killed during domestic terrorism attacks on Brekka four months after their son's birth - this has left its mark on Blake's psyche, and while she is doing well and moving on with what remains of her family, she is still not ready for a committed romantic relationship. Despite engaging in many casual relationships, she still wears three rings denoting her marriage to Sabor - located on her right hand thumb, second, and fourth fingers.

Physical appearance

Blake wearing the new duty uniform introduced in 2395.

Blake is a Brekkian/Betazoid hybrid, standing at 5'10 with shoulder-length blonde hair. Identifying features include emerald green eyes and a two-inch long scar on her lower back. Remains of her original medical file seem to indicate that she was once capable of telepathic abilities, but scans will show that her telepathic lobe is no longer active.

When working within the Shoals, Blake is often equipped with a Type 2 Mark VIII NL Aquila, rather than standard phasers. Though Starfleet officers wear a uniform at all times, Blake tends to return to a casual getup when working as an independent Ranger, unconnected to the ship - she has also been known to ditch her uniform jacket when possible, or add additional pieces when the environment is too cold for the Brekkian hybrid. She will also be found wearing a copper ring on her thumb, believed to be associated with her deceased husband.

Off duty, two other rings from her marriage to Sabor will be placed back on her second and fourth fingers. She tends to wear form-fitting clothing, though her choices of such pieces depend on the climate. Due to the environmental support aboard many Starfleet vessels, the most skin she would allow exposed is from her collar bone and above (as well as her hands) out of pure necessity to remain comfortable in what she considers to be colder temperatures - compliments of her half Brekkian physiology. When ill, she will go so far as to wear thermal clothing to replace parts of her uniform (or as an aditional layer underneath it). To that end, Blake's skin is surprisingly warm, if not hot to touch.

Personal spaces

Blake considers her quarters to be much to large for just herself and her son to inhabit - despite the possessions of her toddler now being present, Blake's quarters feel seemingly bare, with few personal items on display. However, where she has added items, they are colourful and eye-catching, and by no means match the starchy feel of standard Starfleet quarters - a sunshine yellow blanket is draped over the couch; her glassware for some strange reason, a bright green colour; and there is a false plant on her coffee table featuring a neon blue flower. The lights are generally on 90% illumination or higher, and are warmer than the rest of the ship by ten degrees.

After months of conflict with Brandon Cormac came to a resolution back closer to when she first joined the Veritas, Blake chose her office to be just off the Veritas Command Information Center. It's no bigger than a modest broom closet (it is, in fact, a re-purposed storage area, and she's quite comfortable with the small amount of space it affords). To fit inside the small space, her desk is less than a meter in width - in the adjacent corner, however, a small couch has been placed instead of a simple desk chair across from her. There is a spare set of clothes placed on top of a locker in the third corner, housing her Aquila, tricorder, and holster. More interestingly, PADDs detailing her recovered personnel files and logs from her time on the USS Challenger-A, USS Ronin, USS Mercury, USS Avandar and the USS Vigilant are also placed inside - however, this is information is by no means secret and is easily found on Starfleet databases. It's possible she keeps these PADDs offline from Starfleet server updates, concerned the files will be lost again. Finally, behind the desk is a wall display, connected to the Colonial Coalition Marshals Service servers, keeping her updated with Marshal reports in her current designated region of operation as a Ranger in the Shoals (at present, these areas include Shadow's Edge and Antor II).

Other information

She's proficient in the Brekkian language of Seritonian (her mother tongue) and is also surprisingly fluent in at least two Ornaran and Vulcan dialects. Blake is a Federation citizen by marriage - as is her son by birth. Her daughter, however, is currently considered a dual citizen of Brekka and Ornara - because of this, relocating Faith to Federation space continues to face complications.

Records of Blake's personal history have been removed from the Starfleet personnel database due the deceptive request of her mother upon false news of Blake's death, but her service record and partial medical reports remain intact. Blake was required to undergo a full review upon her return to service, and is required to attend monthly check-ups by the ship's medical officer.


Professional history
Medical records
Five Long Years (as guest)
Crash-course (w/ H. Parker)
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Prior to her return to active service aboard the USS Veritas, Blake was found residing on the Ornaran homeworld, working with law enforcement to rid her area of residence of further crime incited by black market drug trade. She was located in a bar winding down from a days work by Commander Zhou Tai-Sheng, and was assigned to the Veritas as the ship's Strategic Operations Officer for the ongoing Operation Safe Harbor.

On stardate 239307.21, Blake was lended to Peaceforce Five, posted to the USS Syracuse, after reports of suspicious activity involving Voreic Industries in the Menthar Corridor - given her intimate knowledge of a key player within the organization, it was believed her knowledge would be of benefit. The first week of her stay proved uneventful, but the Syracuse, assigned as a support vessel to the USS Invicta, was caught up in conflicts surrounding Adovan territory, one involving Titus Vassily. After the incident, she ignored all requests to assist a small taskforce formed by Starfleet Intelligence in examining all records pertaining to Vassily, claiming an irritation of Starfleet's inattention to the Federation's local problems.

She remained on Astrofori One during the Syracuse's shore leave, and along with Commander Zhou, assists the Syracuse and Invicta crews in refurbishing the USS Venture. On it's way home from a parade, the Venture is thrown into the mid-2200s, coming up against the Doomsday machine - during this period, Blake acts as the Venture's First Officer.

Safely returned to their home time of 2393, she was placed on a six month leave of absence to spend time with her family, of whom she'd been estranged from with little contact for over two years. During this time, Blake relocated her children's residence to Bintac.

Five months into her leave of absence, she returned to the Shoals and headed directly for Shadow's Edge to assist the small research settlement of Cakapunnual with ending hostile raids on their resources, working closely with colonial marshal Tydo. Shortly before being recalled to the Veritas, Blake took possession of a two hundred year old EM-33 plasma pistol, of which had been smuggled into the settlement illegally, with the intention of locating it's origin within the Shoals. When patrolling the main colony with Lieutenant Elena Sands, news of Rosa Carrero's death broke. Blake immediately contacted the Veritas back to retrieve its crew members, before it was recalled to Star Station Esperance for a new captain. During this time, Blake arranged a memorial service for Carrero.

Upon return to Esperance, Zhou was reassigned to the planet, while Blake was given the role of the Veritas First Officer, one of the few bridge crew officers not to be reassigned when Captain Roshanara Rahman took command. During this time, Blake aleviated tension with her ex-crewmates (namely that of Elis) and worked with Counselor Raissa Moonsong and Chief Engineer Luna Walker during the transition.

When tasked with finding evidence and potentially provide a list of suspects, Blake was involved in a minor confrontation with Tydo upon her teams entrance into the Governor's residence. With Walker, Kessa T'Dara, and Carter Greyson, they found wiped security logs, cut power lines - evidence Blake initially thought the Coalition Marshals of Shadow's Edge had tampered with. T'Dara is injured when exposed to an electrical current, and the team reconvenes on the Veritas. When Sky is unable to contact Captain Rahman and her team on the surface, she pulls the crew back to the ship, concerned for the captain's wellbeing.

Blake was part of the team that boarded what was left of the cargo vessel Falcon. When clues regarding the party responsible for the Falcon's demise arose, Blake and Evan Delano spoke of the known exploits of the Kos'karii, a large band of Klingon pirates that operated within the Shoals, also supplying the crew with information of the Kos'karii leader Jilor. Later, Blake would speak to Mei'konda about her frustration with the Federation Security and Starfleet Administration, believing that Delano's information would have assisted the Veritas and her operations, and was angered that instead of working as a unit, Starfleet, Federation Security, and the Colonial Marshals, continued to knock heads against each other. She would go on to assist Mei'konda in interrogating the Falcon's survivor Sov, a Klingon who was once a crew member of a Kos'karii vessel.

Blake, along with crew members from both the Veritas and Star Station Esperance, crewed the shuttle that transferred Rosa Carrero's to her transport home.

In mid-2394, Blake steps down from her position as First Officer, instead recommending Mei'konda as her replacement, and takes a position with the Starfleet Rangers. Required to complete what is essentially a 'crash course', she's sent to the Embassy of Duronis II, where she undergoes weapons checks and hand-to-hand combat assessments by the Embassy's marines (namely Hannah Martinez). She is confronted by Hannibal Parker, whom served with her prior to her amnesia, and though she remembers next to nothing about him during their time together, she re-establishes a friendship with him. After three days and a successful training course, she sets off back to the Shoals as a regional support officer.

Upon arrival at Star Station Esperance and awaiting a connecting transport ship to take her back to Shadow's Edge, Blake is asked by Elis Nacubaq to check on Cormac, whom at the time is stationed on Outpost 3 as mission security, and had missed coms check. Upon arriving, Blake finds the outpost crippled almost beyond repair, with Cormac being the only survivor after ten days alone after the attack. She takes him back to Shadow's Edge, where he resigns from Starfleet, and Blake continues to work with him when he becomes a Coalition Marshal.

By 239409, notified by a Starfleet Intelligence officer that two suspects of a murder investigation handed to her by a Marshal official, she is urged to return to the Veritas in hopes that the ship's resources may assist her with tracking them.

The Veritas comes across Outpost 3 to check on Tristam Core's progress in repairing the outpost after the Klingon attack. Stashes of felicium are found hidden behind bulkheads, and after weeks analyzing and about to destroy it, Blake along with Nikki Ryan, Sepek, and a civilian engineer are arrested by the Klingon crew of the IKS Dennas, and incur "minor" injury. Captain Rahman has them released shortly after, and the crew are required to work with the Klingons for the duration of their time at the outpost.

In late 239412, Blake's son (Ayden Blake) is escorted to the Veritas by Zhou Tai-Sheng.

After the crew of the Veritas rescue the USS Astraeus, a Galaxy class vessel that banked in the Shoals, Blake arrests it's captain, Victor Yeager, for violating general order three and the travel legislation of the Bajak Laut sector. Following this, she joins Roshanara Rahman and Lael Rosek aboard the USS Atlantis, reuniting with Parker, and meets Kamela Allison and Boris Hendon of the Duronis II Embassy.

When Blake returns, she suffers a minor seizure, resulting in the loss of memory (including most of the events aboard the Atlantis), and is placed on a week's medical leave and light duties for a following fortnight. During this time, Kallo Ver is arrested and held in the Veritas brig, having destroyed his civilian vessel mere kilometres away from the Veritas and Star Station Esperance. She's asked by Rahman to join them as they interrogate Kallo, and he reveals that he had located a lost Romulan treasure fleet.

On stardate 239506.01, Rahman reassigns Blake to be the Chief of Security for the Veritas, the first time Blake had ever held a department head position (not including her brief period as the ship's First Officer).


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  • At some point before joining Starfleet initially, Blake was a gymnast.[1]
  • When Zhou Tai-Sheng shows up at the Ornaran bar Blake frequents, he orders a Xarantine ale. Blake's first mission in the fleet was USS Challenger-A's Between a Rock and a Hard ?, where the Challenger was tasked with mediating a dispute between the Klingons and the Xarantine.
  • Blake remembers piloting techniques from a helm officer she served with, but not his name.[2]
  • The sim title "Grey-blue distance" is a low-key reference to iconic Australian poem My country by Dorothea Mackellar. In the sim, Blake even utters the line "I love a sunburnt country".[3]
  • The sim "A New Year" was written during and referenced Melbourne's 2018 New Years celebrations (of which was televised).[4]
  • Blake's quarters being located on Deck 4 is a running gag, as deck 4 of the USS Challenger-A and the USS Ronin was constantly destroyed/flushed out into space.
  • As she's assigned to the Bajak Laut sector, Blake's title is technically "Bajak Laut Ranger" - which literally translates to "Pirate Ranger".
  • According to Tristam Core, Blake is rich in latinum thanks to her father's involvement in the continued development of felicium before his death. Core wasn't sure exactly how much she has, but supposedly she could "fund a semi-united Brekkian government for five years and still enough left over for a nice little retirement with her kids on Ferenginar".[5]
    • However, due to her father having earned it through decades of exploitation of the Ornarans, she has only accessed these funds whilst living on the Ornaran homeworld, using them to house her daughter (and her caretakers) and funding Bintac LE's anti-felicium operations. She also accessed the account to pay for Zhou's drink when they first met, but this was refunded to her.
  • Blake is uncomfortable in areas or rooms she understands to be particularly "large", which is why she prefers working in a small office.
    • Her temporary housing in Cakapunnual when she worked on Shadow's Edge was no bigger than a shipping container. Cakapunnual itself is a small clearing surrounded by jungle, one side facing a cliff edge. It's possible Blake is afraid of wide open spaces.


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