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Intelligent Lifeform Index

Four Letter Code SKRR
Federation Status Allied
Planet of Origin Draylon II (originally from Gamma Quadrant)
Encountered DS9: Sanctuary
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level N
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The Skrreea are a Gamma quadrant species who escaped oppression during the Dominion war. They resettled in the Alpha quadrant after searching for their legendary home, popularized by their religion.

Home System

  • Quadrant: Alpha
  • Location: Bajor sector
  • Proper Name: Draylon system
  • Star: Orbits a pair of class G stars (binary star system)
  • Distance from Star:
  • Companions: One of at least two planets of the Draylon system
  • Moons:

Home World

  • Proper Name: New Kentanna
    • Other names: Draylon II
  • Diameter:
  • Gravity:
  • Axial Tilt:
  • Orbital Period:
  • Rotational Period:
  • Classification: M
  • Surface Water:
  • Atmosphere:
  • Climate: Temperate climate, with a low growing season and only mild winters.
  • Terrain: Good soil for farming.
  • Population: 3 million Skrreea refugees (at colonization in 2370)[1]


Dominated for 800 years by the T-Rogorans and forced to work as labourers and servants until the captors themselves were conquered by the Dominion, three million Skrreea took the opportunity to flee the Gamma quadrant. In a bid to fulfill a religious prophecy that depicted their legendary "primsed land" of Kentanna, the Skrreea refugees accidentally made their way through the Bajoran wormhole to Deep Space 9 in 2370.[2]

Initially, the Skrreea believed that Bajor was their Kentanna, but were turned away by a regretful Bajoran government amidst concerns of famine and other conflicts that had arisen during their occupation by the Cardassians.[3] Instead, they settled on a nearby Draylon II, which would later be renamed New Kentanna. In the following year, the Skrreea would declare the Draylon system independent.[4]



The Skrreea appeared much like Humans, though they also had unusual skin which appeared rough. It had a condition which caused them to leave flakes of skin behind. This caused those who weren't used to it to treat Skrreea with disdain and believe that they were "dirty".

Female Skrreea are generally taller and larger than the males.



Male Skrreea tend to fight among themselves, with the females denoting them as "too emotional" to be considered leaders. As such, it is the females who develop leadership mentalities, many feeling responsible for their clan or people.


The Skrreea had a legend of their destined homeworld, Kentanna. It was said to be just beyond the Eye of the Universe, and a "planet of sorrow" which the Skrreea would end and bring happiness with their arrival.



The Skrreea live in an extremely matriarchal society, usually farmers of sorts. Male Skrreea aren't usually considered for leadership positions, as complexities emotionally and outbreaks of fights among themselves cause their opposite gender concern regarding their capabilities in such levels of power.


It was not unusual for female Skrreea to have multiple spouses - in fact, a single mate is considered unusual.


The Skrreean spoken language had a unique syntax and grammatical structure from Alpha Quadrant languages. This caused the universal translator of Alpha Quadrant species to struggle with it initially before it could establish a translation matrix.




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