Skiptrace Mission Logs

2384 - 2385

Inside Ithassa

Intercepting a distress call while docked with Midway Repair Facility, the Skiptrace offered to run some badly needed medical supplies out to the Traides Episolon System and to TE IV, where Captain Nathan and his crew ran into Breen problems among rumors of Bung Kho.

They became aware of the USS Phoenix-C the Independence crew was temporarily assigned to that came into the system not long after. Nathan and the team were generally staying low attempting to ascertain what the Breen were doing so far out when an unknown group bombed a medical triage set up under Commander Riley’s away team.

A secondary explosion occurred within the mining region, enabling raw material to beamed off planet onto a rapidly disappearing Breen ship, which prompted Nathan to give chase. Dispatching, the Skiptrace stopped briefly in the Deadwood System before continuing its pursuit of the Breen into the Igloo Cluster.