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===Crew Complement===
===Crew Complement===
*'''Total:''' 40
*'''Total:''' 30
*'''Maximum guest complement:''' 10  
*'''Maximum guest complement:''' 10  
*'''Maximum evacuation capacity:''' No additional evacuation capacity.  
*'''Maximum evacuation capacity:''' No additional evacuation capacity.  

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  • Name: Skarbek
  • Class: Condor
  • Registration: n/a - no current registration.
  • Type: Raider
  • Production Base: ASDB Integration Facility, San Francisco Fleet Yards, Earth
  • Commissioned: 2336
  • Motto: "For our freedom and yours."

Maquis Raider.jpg

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 68.5m
  • Beam: 75m
  • Height: 16.5m
  • Mass: 2,600t
  • Hull: Standard duranium single hull
  • Armour: None
  • Decks: 2

Crew Complement

  • Total: 30
  • Maximum guest complement: 10
  • Maximum evacuation capacity: No additional evacuation capacity.

Computer Systems

  • Hardware: Isolinear circuitry.
  • Operating System: Library Computer Access and Retrieval System (LCARS).

Propulsion Systems

    • Standard Cruise Speed: 7.0
    • Maximum Sustainable Cruise Speed: 9.00
    • Maximum Speed: 9.75 (6 hours)

Tactical Systems

  • Phasers: Two Type-VII phaser arrays.
  • Torpedoes: Two micro-photon torpedo tubes.
  • Deflector Shields: 4 standard shield grids.
  • Tractor Beams: One tractor beam emitter.

Scientific Systems

  • Probes: Launched through the torpedo system, a limited selection of probes and buoys are held on standby for deployment, with additional patterns available for replication.
  • Sensors: 4 modular sensor pallets, with a focus on tactical and navigation systems. No additional pallets are stored on board.
  • Laboratories: None.

Crew Support Systems

  • Medical: One sickbay, consisting of one advanced and four standard biobeds. Additional medical facilities include a small surgical suite and pathology laboratory.
  • Recreational: Multipurpose crew lounge and mess hall, gymnasium (in a converted cargo bay).

Transporter Systems

  • Personnel: 1 transporter rooms with a 6 man capacity per transporter.
  • Cargo: 1 cargo transporter, reconfigurable to quantum level for emergency evacuation.

Auxiliary Spacecraft Systems

  • Long Range Shuttles: One, the Inayat-Khan.
  • Emergency Evacuation Systems: 10 Autonomous Survival and Recovery Vehicles (lifepods)