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Simon of 13 is a civilian currently stationed on the USS Tiger-A.


  • Full name: Simon of 13 (13 is used as a family name)
  • Date of birth (Age): Unknown (Approximated to early thirties)
  • Species: Rogue Borg
  • Gender: Male


  • Dr. Grant MacEwan, head of the team who rehabilitated Simon, plays a role of surrogate father for Simon.

Chronological History:

Simon of 13 came into the awareness of Federation when he was rescued by the crew of the U.S.S. Iliad from the wreckage of crashed a Borg scout ship he was a crewmember aboard. As a Borg drone he was known as 13 of 13, and little else is known about his time as a drone, or of the life that he led before being his assimilation into the collective. His physiological state suggests that that he was likely assimilated while in his adolescence as Borg induced growth patterns are present in several of his adult features. The Federation has no public records matching his genetic profile.

When the crew of the Iliad found him, they were initially apprehensive, worried about not only an enemy, but also how to treat this unsalvageable piece of hardware that was also a terminally dying living thing. If this were only an artifact of Borg technology it would have been carefully packaged and transported to a lab for analysis, and what could not be studied would have been incinerated in a replicator. If he were only a living thing, he would have been given a funeral, and jettisoned into space. However, since he was neither, he never quite ended function; his biological systems died at times, but were revived by the nano systems and his cybernetic components ceased, but he continued to breath. He lived on; he functioned on.

Many of 13 of 13's cybernetic systems were damaged irreversibly, and his nano-repair systems struggled to do what they could to maintain what was left of his fragile biological systems. As component-by-component and part-by-part 13 of 13 shut down every breath he took through augmented lung tissue, he came a little closer to a state of total end-of-functioning. When Simon lay in palliative care, with different parts of his cybernetic enhancements intermittently shutting down and then recovering, 13 of 13 had been believed completely dead more than once, until startled teams of medics found him seemingly miraculously giving off vital signs again.

Slowly, as he recovered, his regenerative Borg nanites rebuilt his biologically components, including the reconstruction of his neurogenic structures, with the integrations of the new discoveries of himself. He spent years in Star Fleet hospitals where he was slowly reconstructed, and the human that was lost was slowly uncovered. Simon of 13 is a counsellor by the volume of knowledge of mind he accumulated by process of the years he spent exploring and developing a humanity. In combat he is invaluable as a combat-psychologist, a computerized tactician with an over developed sense of all that is human behaviour. As a counsellor he is deeply aware and empathetic being, capable of the deep emotional engagement that comes with the slow, conscious rebuilding of a self that no other has ever done.

Simon of 13 will occasionally recall memories of his past, both as a Borg and from the brief life he had lead before being a Borg, such as his name, Simon. Simon of 13's amnesia is the result of various effects including his disintegration from the collective, extensive damage he sustained in the accident he had been recovered from. As various of his cybernetic components shut down, 13 of 13 began finding parts of his mind that ah been locked away when he was assimilated as a Borg, and in those memories, he found a human identity from long ago, though alien as well. Though he takes the identity of this person, known as Simon, as his own, even this identity is alien to him. Simon of 13's sense for his past is that he is inhibiting, or possessing it, rather than existing in continuation from the person he once was. While he will feel at time more comfortable with environments influenced by the Borg, Simon's relationship with his past as a Borg is also as foreign and discontinuous as his former human identity.

To casual observation, Simon of 13 looks to be a healthy Caucasian male in his early thirties with dark hair, and average build. As is typical of other Borg drone liberated from the collective, Simon of 13 still has some minor vestigial remnants of Borg implants noticeably obvious, though generally mundane. Though much of his body remains cybernetic amalgamations of Borg and Federation technology, it has been largely modified to appear as any other cloned-tissue based prosthesis. Notably, one of Simon of 13's arms is entirely cybernetic, and his other arm still retains Borg based computer neuro-interfacing devices. During the crash Simon of 13's eyes had been completely destroyed when coming in contact with organically-corrosive materials escaping from the ship's engines. Typical Federation prosthetics were rejected, and so unique, and very obviously artificial prosthetics had been created, which were then modified by his Borg nanites. His advanced eyes, and his ability to interface with various pieces of equipment allow him a heightened sense of awareness. There is some uncertainty about how his body will behave as it is comprised of a mixture of Borg systems and Federation prosthetics.

Simon of 13's current posting aspirations are for the role of counsellor. During the five years in rehabilitation and reconstruction, he was inundated with a deep and powerful knowledge of the behaviour of humans, and many other species, while he effectively constructed a new psyche for himself, bit by bit. While he has been well training occupationally as a counsellor and the deep empathy he has for other living that result from his experiences of developing a self, he remains often prone to social slips. Further, as he is a Borg, and the ongoing Borg- Federation conflicts continue to play heavily into the awareness of many people throughout Starfleet, he not a frequent first choice as a therapist. None the less, Simon of 13 is invaluable for his ability to rapidly gauge the emotional state and anticipate the behaviour of others based upon his heightened perceptions and awareness. This leaves him a strong Combat Psychologist and negotiator. It also leads him to make sometimes assumptions about others that can sometimes be found as arrogant or unnerving.

In his free time, or as a preferred light duty posting, Simon of 13 enjoys the opportunity to council other survivors of Borg aggressions. While he is often frightening to them at first for his traces of Borg appearance, interactions with him can be a valuable opportunity to overcome deep fears and pains about the Borg that many in the galaxy still suffer from. He also represents a hope for many of those who have lost loved ones to the Borg.

Simon of 13 is a devotee of the Federation, choosing to attend Starfleet out a sense of duty to the organization that helped rehabilitate him. He, however, believes in prioritizing non-violent reasoning with The Collective that would induce them to a non-confrontation policy of assimilation, only assimilation individuals who volunteer into the collective, and no long forcibly assimilating anyone.

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