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Personal History Before The Academy

Sidney Riley was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2350 to Lt. Ryan Riley and Raven Lightfoot at the Riley family home. She is the younger of a set of identical twins by ten minutes. Her older sister is named Shannon. Sidney's parents were not married at the time of Sidney's birth, which complicated matters.

Upon the birth of the twins, Benjamin Lightfoot forbade the marriage of Ryan and his daughter, Raven. Benjamin, a Terran affected by the Deltan pheromones of Raven's mother, believed the family to be cursed. He hoped to spare Ryan from the "curse" and years of heartache. He also took the two girls, hoping to spare them from the "Lightfoot Curse," and hid them from their mother. Raven left New Orleans out of despair and was not heard from until four years after the girls' birth.

In the meantime, believing Raven to be dead, Ryan felt his girls needed a mother. He married a distant cousin of Raven's, Cheyenne Lee, when his daughters were two years old. However, the marriage was troubled from the start, and the couple ended up getting divorced when the girls were four years old. Cheyenne ended up moving to Vulcan, and she took Shannon to live with her. Ryan kept Sidney.

Sidney lived with Ryan on starships until she was six years old. When she was six, Ryan took Sidney to visit Cheyenne on Vulcan for the summer. He would have Shannon for the summer. En route to Earth, their shuttle encountered an unexplained anomaly. The shuttle they were in disappeared, and both Ryan and Shannon were declared missing.

With nowhere else for her to go, Riley was taken in by her step-mother and step-father on Vulcan. Her relationship with Cheyenne and Tarvik was not good, however, as she refused to conform to Vulcan practices and beliefs. From the ages of 6 until 15, she had a hard time adjusting to life on Vulcan. During this time she also become an accomplished flautist.

When she was 14, she devised a plan to steal a shuttle to get from Vulcan to Earth. Her plan almost worked, as she was only a few hours from Earth when she was caught by her father's old shipmates, Dr. Michael Mitchell and Captain Jorgenson. They took her into custody, and she was to appear before the council on Vulcan. Cheyenne and Tarvik disowned her, refusing to vouch for her behavior. However, one of her father's best friends, Doctor Michael Mitchell, did attend the hearing and vouched for her. He made Sidney promise not to get into any more trouble until her step parents allowed her to return to Earth.

For the next four months, Sidney was on her best behavior. When she turned fifteen, she went on a hunger strike, refusing to eat or drink anything. It was then that Cheyenne finally relented and sent her back to Earth to live with her grandfather, Ben "Bear" Lightfoot. Sidney completed high school on Earth and decided to go into medicine through the influence of Doctor Mitchell. After completing her degree, she decided to enter the Academy, following her father's footsteps.

Important People

People Who've Made An Impact On Sidney's Life

Rear Admiral Jessa Anassasi
Fleet Captain Toni Turner

Lieutenant JG Eilis Eete - Sidney's childhood friend who followed her into space.

Captain Robin Phoenix - Training Officer during Sidney's time at the academy.

Lieutenant Commander Alana Devar - Training Officer during Sidney's time at the academy. LtCmdr. Devar had a great affect of Sidney as Alana was the First Officer of the USS Wallace, Sidney's first posting.

Captain Kare'en m'Hapron m'Adrina - Retired Commanding Officer, former commanding officer of the USS Wallace. He was Sidney's first CO and helped guide her in her development as an officer.

Rear Admiral Jessa Anassasi - Sidney's second Commanding Officer. Sidney admired the Admiral's command style and learned a great deal from her. She considers the Admiral to be one of the greatest officers she's ever met. She holds her in high regard and misses the Admiral since her retirement from the fleet.

Fleet Captain Idril Mar - Sidney first met Idril Mar when Mar was First Officer of the USS Independence. Sidney learned a great deal from the woman's strength and fortitude.

Commander David Cody - One of Sidney's best friends from her days on the Independence. David Cody was the Chief Security Officer; he was also the Commanding Officer of the USS Independence-A before his retirement.

Captain Benjamin J. Walker and Lieutenant Commander Danny Wilde - Sidney served with both officers during the Gorn Conflict of 2383.

Lieutenant Commander Jhen Thelev - First Officer of StarBase 118 Ops, Sidney has learned much from the Andorian. He often helps her see alternative solutions to the issues or crises which occur from time to time.

Lieutenant Commander Darius Clack - Currently serving on StarBase 118 Ops, LtCmdr. Clack is one of Sidney's friends that she feels she can talk to openly.

Rear Admiral Rocar Drawoh - Although, Sidney did not meet the K'tarian Rear Admiral in person until 2387 (when her crew was settling in as the new crew of Ops), she has known of the Admiral through subspace communication since before her promotion to Captaincy. Upon meeting in person, they became instant friends because of the Admiral's easy going demeanor. She considers him to be a good source of advice and considers him to be not only a mentor, but a friend as well. She keeps in contact with him from time to time.

Fleet Captain Toni Turner - Meeting again during Operation Bright Star, Sidney and Toni became quick friends leading up to the battle and in the aftermath. Sidney considers Captain Turner to be one of her best friends. The two women have a lot in common and share a love of Southern food. Fleet Captain Turner is CO of the Embassy on Duronis II.

Captain Andrus Jaxx - The Commanding Officer of the USS Apollo, one of Sidney's best friends.

Romantic Interests Of Note

Louis Thierry - Sidney met Louis while in Medical School in New Orleans. He is a police officer. She is good friends with Louis' sisters, Sabine and Bernadette, who are also from New Orleans. Louis was still in love with Sidney when she left for the Academy and proposed to her before she left. She did not accept his proposal.

Rorek Navar - Security Officer, retired. Former romantic interest from the Academy, they went on a couple dates while serving together on the USS Wallace. When Ensign Rorek retired, they lost contact and Sidney never heard from him again.

Lieutenant Bron Storos - Sidney fell in love with the Security Officer during their time on the USS Wallace. However, Bron has always been unable to choose between duty and love. At this point they are very good friends, but nothing more. Sidney still feels bitter about Bron leaving her life without saying a word and then his reappearing and acting as if nothing had happened.

LtCmdr. Darius Clack

Lieutenant JG Alleran Tan - The young Trill expressed an interesting in dating Sidney a week before the retaking of Deep Space 17 in Operation Bright Star. She looked at Alleran as a great friend whom she could share fun times with. She loved his adventurous personality and thought she was attracted to him. They went out on one date. When Alleran continued to ask her for more, she broke things off stating they were very different and had different outlooks on life. Shortly thereafter, Tan left the Independence.

Truthfully, Sidney Riley was scared of the way Alleran Tan made her feel and was very confused about her own feelings. She had thought she was very much in love with him, but she had a hard time coming to terms with those feelings and accepting her own emotions. During and after the Independence's Mission to Wheeler in February of 2388, she thought came to realize her own feelings and his importance in her life.

On Stardate 238803.02, she sent a personal communication to Alleran on Devinon V, asking him to return to her. They were reunited on Stardate 238803.04 when the Independence arrived back at Deep Space 17. Sidney was pregnant with their child in 2388 however, she suffered injuries from an assasination attempt by the Scarlet Brotherhood which caused her to lose the child.

Sidney ended her relationship with Alleran on 238808.30 because she felt trapped.

Lieutenant Commander Darius Clack - Long time friends, Sidney has had a crush on the Klingon man since they were held prisoner together on The Orca on planet XB-3. She realized she was in love with Darius Clack when he came to see her after the injury she sustained in Operation Bright Star. However, it bothers her greatly that Darius is married to Katherine Sharkey and she broke off the relationship in February of 2388. Sidney is still very much in love with Darius and is very conscious of her feelings. She wants to be in a relationship with him and has since she returned to him.

Musical Experiences

An accomplished flautist she has had many musical experiences:

Sidney's Flute

Orchestral Experiences

  • Vulcan Youth Symphony 2362-2366
  • Federation Youth Symphony 2363-2366

Solo Experiences

  • Vulcan Youth Music Competition Second Place 2363
  • Vulcan Youth Music Competition First Place 2364 and 2366
  • Federation Youth Symphony Solo Competition Runner Up 2364
  • Federation Youth Symphony Solo Competition First Place 2366


SF Medical.jpg
  • Degree in Emergency Medicine with an emphasis in Cardiology (Graduated 237106.02)
  • Starfleet Academy (Graduated 238109.10)
  • Command School