Sidney Riley/Medical Record

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Medical Information

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  • Allergies: Sulfur and Sulfur Compounds
  • Physical Notes:
    • January 2387 -- Still suffering from malnutrition and is underweight. Significant stress on cardiac muscle, recovery prognosis is good.
    • January 2388 -- Sidney is given a clean bill of health by Doctor Charles Sampi.
    • June 23, 2388 -- Sidney finds out she is three months pregnant. LtJG. Alleran Tan is the father. This is her first pregnancy. Due to the unique genetic heritage of her child, there were shared blood complications for which Sidney received medical treatment. She was also placed on special medications for the complications.
    • August 2388 -- Sidney is attacked in an assasination attempt. She loses the child she was carrying.
    • January 2389 -- Sidney is in good health.
    • February 2390 -- Sidney is given a clean bill of health by Doctor Aribelle Tagren.
  • Major Surgeries:
    • December 2386 Cardiac Surgery, performed on the USS Tiger by Doctors Solok, T'Reshik and Sasak.
    • 238709.19 -- Suffered severe trauma, including ruptured blood vessels and several pelvic fractures. A synthetic bone graft was performed to repair the fractures. Surgery performed by Doctor Tenzin Zhou.
    • 238709.20 -- Synthetic Bone Graft does not take due to Sidney's unique genetic make up.
    • November 2387 -- Major Bone Graft surgery with donated tissue from her sister, Shannon. Surgery was performed by Doctor Tenzin Zhou. It restored Sidney's ability to walk unaided.
    • August 2388 -- Sidney survives an assasination attempt at the hands of the Scarlet Brotherhood. Doctor Leah St. James is the surgeon.
  • Dietary Notes: As of 238612.20, Sidney was placed on a special diet due to the malnutrition she suffered while she was held prisoner by Parrin. As of 238806.23, Sidney was placed on a special diet for her pregnancy.
  • Special Notes: Due to Sidney's special genetic make-up, her blood can not be replicated to this date.

Counseling Information

  • Important Sessions:
    • Counseling to come to terms with the Gorn War.
    • 238612.20 -- Sidney attends sessions with Counselor Avandar to help her recover from being held captive by Parrin.
    • September 2387 -- Sidney attends Counseling sessions with Counselor S'Peek Avandar to deal with her reaction to Operation Bright Star.