Sian Douglas

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Sian Douglas
Security Officer
Starbase118 Ops

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Name: Sian Douglas
Rank: Petty Officer 3rd Class

Gender: Female

Sian Douglas is a Starfleet Security Officer (and former Marine) and survivor of the Vaadwaur Occupation of Deep Space 17 in 2387.


  • Full Name: Sian Douglas
  • Gender: Female
  • Rank: Petty Officer 3rd Class
  • Assignment: Starbase118 Ops
    • Specialty: Explosives

Character History

Sian Douglas was a marine stationed on Deep Space 17 when the station fell to the Vaadwaur following the Second Battle of Eratis in 2387. During the next three months, she and a handful of Federation personnel staged a resistance during the harsh Vaadwaur Occupation of the station. Notably, she and her fellow marines had to defend themselves as they were being hunted down by their former squad leader Radi Rais. During this time, she became close friends with Ayelet Kadosh, a nurse.

After DS17's liberation through Operation Bright Star on SD 238709.19, Douglas was promoted to lance corporal and assigned to the Starfleet Marine College. She lost one of her legs and now relies on a prosthetic, though she doesn't let it slow her down. After she attended the Medal of Honor ceremony for her fellow marines Jennifer Brockton and Tashaun James on SD 238812.13, she took a leave of absence from Starfleet to travel around Earth for a year.

Return to Service

She returned to the USS Mercury but was infected during a zombie spider attack upon Deep Space 10 and started to turn into a cyber-spider herself. Fortunately she was saved by her crewmates, and helped to recover by her friend and lover - Trel'lis.

Following a further leave of absence, she was assigned to Starfleet Security aboard the USS Garuda in late 2390 and promoted to the rank of Petty Officer 3rd Class. Both Trel'lis and Sian were transferred to Starbase118 Ops in 2392.

Additional Information