Shrys ch’Koro

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Shrys ch'Koro.png
Shrys ch'Koro
Position Retired
Rank Civilian
Species Andorian
Gender Male
DOB 233209.23
Age 68
Birthplace Agrara, Andoria
Writer ID A239501TT0

Shrys ch'Koro is a parent of Thalas th'Koro.


  • Full name: Shrys ch'Koro
  • Date of birth: 233209.23
  • Age: 65
  • Species: Andorian
  • Gender: Male (Chan)
  • Hair color: White
  • Eye color: Grey
  • Height: 1.88m


  • Build: Relatively scrawny and haggard due to many years of not partaking in exercise.
  • Hair: White
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Hairstyle: Messy and unkempt. No particular style.
  • Skin tone: Lack of normal amounts of pigment. As if permanently ill.
  • Scars/Birthmarks:

- No scars of any import.

- Has a long pencil shaped birthmark along the side of his abdomen.

  • Taste in clothing:

-Wears loose fitting black shirts.

-Wears formal black trousers in an attempt to look respectable.

-Wears comfortable green boots which ruins this facade.

  • Voice: A quiet voice with a gravel-like aspect to it. People found to get annoyed by it often.



  • Temperament: In his later years, he is easily annoyed by the most trivial of setbacks and often gives up at the slightest inconvenience. However, when drunk he is a very confident and open man but can go over the top.
  • Dislikes: People, Starfleet
  • Carriage: Walks in a shuffle and an arched back. This shuffle makes him look rather undead.
  • Mannerisms: Has a tendency to hum random folk tunes from his youth. Will also sigh or harrumph at incompetence or disability.
  • Home: Owns a villa on Risa which is secluded from the main tourist centers. It is often in a state of disarray but he will not change it.
  • Hobbies: Reading old war and history novels. Listening to Andorian music.
  • Religion: He believes that religion is stupid and does not answer any of the world's problems.

Chronological History


Ever since he was a child, Shrys had always dreamed of being a pilot. Flying starships and travelling across the stars. This had been nurtured throughout his child as his village was in close proximity to a shuttle station. The irony of this became apparent to him later in life. His parents had always encouraged this career and he pursued it without any relenting in his pursuit.

Andorian Defence Force

In the year 2353, Shrys joined the Andorian Defense Force as a helms officer. He thoroughly enjoyed himself throughout his time there and met many a friend. During this time, he was bonded to three other Andorians and had their first child in 2362. However, as great as his job was, he felt that he wasn't getting the exploration he wanted. Therefore, this drove him to join Starfleet in 2364 as an Ensign aboard various Starfleet ships.


Upon joining Starfleet, he knew that this was the right choice for him. He steadily rose up the ranks to Lieutenant when in 2378 he was offered the position of Lieutenant Commander at Starfleet Academy. He instantly seized this opportunity and moved his family to San Francisco away from Andoria. He taught the Helm at the academy and was seen as a great teacher by many. However the loss of much of his family in 2385 drove him to become a sour and unpleasant man. After this unfortunate accident, he resigned from Starfleet and abandoned his children to live on Risa.


This is where he currently lives and he is frequently known to visit the bars. He is a heavy drinker and known throughout his local area for his out of hours activities. In his area, he is simply known as 'Commander Ale' due to his past and his habits. He is happy enough but has pretty much given up on life.

Personal Life

Ever since the tragedies which have befallen him, he has become very distant from his once fulfilling family. This is seen by many as his greatest mistake but he is not particularly bothered by this. Since this ‘betrayal,’ his children do not care for their father as they see it as cowardice and a lack of love and fondness. They wish to never see him again.