Shore leave: New (New) Bajor (USS Thor)

Thor Shore Leave 3.png

Shore leave 3: Stardate 239711.27 - 239801.05

Shore Leave Summary

  • Ben Garcia woke up in the sickbay after being injured during the mission. He received treatment, a scolding and some Vulcan wisdom from Alieth.
  • Alieth called the Watanabe to talk about Cheesecake.
  • Quen Deena went for the first medical check-up since her arrival to the Embassy. Due she met with Alieth, sass happened.
  • Alieth commed to Alora DeVeau to ask her a few questions. The subsequent misunderstanding led to two old friends getting in touch again.
  • Peri Katsim accepted the challenge from JOPA to prank a senior member of the staff. That member? Captain Aron Kells himself. With the help of Wes Greaves and Alieth keeping 'watch', she stuck a PADD with a "We Love You" message for the Captain on the ceiling, then proceeded to weave a web of streamers armed with glitter bombs all over the room. Unfortunately, upon hanging the very last streamer, the chair upon which she stood tipped over resulting in a concussion and broken arm
  • Alieth visited her cousin Meidra Sirin at Deep Space 224. Some chocolate and a heated debate about the merits of Klingon Science ended up with both of them in the Brig. Addison MacKenzie showed that she was not particularly happy about the whole adventure.
  • Geoffrey Teller decided to attempt to learn Suus Mahna on the holodeck, thanks to Sern's katra that inhabited his brain. Spoiler: it went wrong.
  • Sirok, Dar Elandra, and Peri Katsim visited the Landor farm once more to mend broken ties and take samples to ensure the soil was recovering
  • Peri Katsim winded up on the wrong floor of the ship and found a rather distraught Wes Greaves who had awoken from nightmares, but sticks around until he's feeling better.
  • Peri Katsim worked and slaved over a special gift to give to Wes Greaves. He wound up discovering her as she attempted to drop and run, only to hug her in thanks for the thoughtful present.
  • Wes Greaves stumbled across a rather tactless conversation between marines as they joked about a certain hybrid science officer. Greaves was not a amused. A hand to hand fight between him and a Klingon-human marine may or may not have occurred.
  • Wes Greaves confronted Peri Katsim over the rumours circulating on the 'Gator Deck', only to find that the scientist wasn't as fragile as she seemed to be
  • Wes Greaves invited others to go sailing, and Quen Deena, Alieth, Geoffrey Teller, and Peri Katsim heed the call. They felt astounded as they get to watch a meteorite crash into an uninhabited island. When they investigate, they met face to face with a six legged dog like creature and decide to come back later
  • Kortho Yang adopted a targ pup, gifted by his full klingon brother. Peri Katsim helped him to name his new pet.
  • Addison MacKenzie (via comm) Quen Deena & Alieth confronted Sirok about his condition. After a short roast it was agreed that the engineer would receive more frequent neurological checks to monitor the degeneration of his memory. Just in case that would kill them all.
  • Udro Nepra approached Captain Aron Kells & Dar Elandra during the Gratitude Festival and, after gifting him a picture of the Thor, requested that her commission be reactivated.
  • Alieth made a videocall with her Academy buddy Ikaia Wong to challenge him to join the JOPA
  • Sirok, Alieth & Zarah Johnson met after midnight in the arboretum and discuss martial arts, the Vulcan language and the advantages of going to bed early. Awa Alexander made a brief appearance
  • Geoffrey Teller asked Alieth to help open a puzzlebox. Besides gummy bears he received wisdom, and a sample of vulcan friendship.
  • Peri Katsim moved in with Lieutenant JG. Alieth and the two find they make a rather compatible pair.
  • Lieutenant Nesre Salo, a new counsellor, arrived at the Thor and quickly made an acquaintance with Lieutenant Lorian Lovar. They connect over plants in the Arboretum.
  • Geoffrey Teller disciplined Alieth with respect to the events at SB224. Both ended up knowing more about the other's past than they expected. The doctor learned valuable lessons and acquired a recurring nightmare about a certain tattoo.
  • A small celebration dinner was held in the Great Hall, following various Earth customs associated with the winter solstice. Food was abundantly eaten, gratitude was expressed and gift were exchanged. Ben Garcia was given a piece of carbonized runabout.
  • Jehe Saja offered an intelligence report to Captain Aron Kells, where she told him the current state of the Fleet and some of his acquaintances. They also talked a little about the new Ensign's background.
  • Nesre Salo met Ensign Jehe Saja, the new intelligence officer, and they briefly discussed the ensign's past before giving her a mental health clearance for duty.
  • Ensign Jehe Saja performed her routine medical check-up at the secondary sickbay with Lt JG Alieth. After all the questions that were asked, she began to doubt the sanity of the ship's crew.
  • There was a JOPA meeting to welcome the Ensigns Awa Alexander and Jehe Saja where Wes Greaves,Peri Katsim, Alieth and Sirok gathered in an unnused room. Only the intelligence officer made an appearance, and she decided to undergo the initiation trial, pranking the first officer or one of the department heads.
  • Alexander Brodie planted an Ash tree in the Arboretum which became known as Yggdrasil. A symbol of the crew's resilience.



  1. Ensign Awa Alexander went AWOL at the end of the Shoreleave
  2. Went LOA at the end of the shoreleave.
  3. Return from LOA at the end of the shoreleave.