Shore Leave: Seytoxal and Beyond (USS Oumuamua)

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A1: Family Matters [The Kesslers and Salo] - Jack learns he has a sister and the Kesslers start to process the possible loss of their parents. DONE⍈

A2: JOPA: The Journey Continues [Jack Kessler & Avander Promontory] - Jack initiates Avander into a secret society of junior officers–TBC⤁…

<Storylines B&E begin; ‘Oumuamua arrives at Seytoxal>⥓

Lower Decks Cut Loose Xubudu Windaloh, Seytoxal * Falcon Down or Goose Chase Caligula Medical Conference
Avander Promontory

Simon Vomek, Toxin Arlill, TK Cabrillo, Zi Nijal, Zarah Johnson

Katsim Peri

Wes Greaves

Lia Rouiancet

Jack/Krystal Kessler

Ossa V’airu

Rox Queen

Kammus Corelli

V’Len Kel


Looking for maps and fun, the LD’s lose a teenager, get drunk, and fight with the Constable. But did get maps!⍈ Wes and Peri take their relationship to a new level as Lia plays third wheel on a tropical boat tour OR IS IT?! Investigating a distress signal turns into a crash landing on a hostile world. Now our crew is in distress! It’s a medical conference! And the doctors go some kind of base jumping and get to know each other.⍈

F1: Intelligence Suite [Avander Promontory & Alex Brodie] - The Counselor checks in on the new intelligence officer, who is overseeing the construction of an expanded office.⍈

F2: On the Track [Greaves, Kessler] - Jack requests Wes mentor him in Command Training.⍈

A3: Mission Pod Reflections [Jack Kessler & Alex Brodie] - Talking through loss and hope.⍈

<shuttle Weryk arrives with Etan>

<at least 6 days since arrival at Seytoxal>

G1: Dinner in the Captain's Mess [Ossa V’airu, Etan Iljor, Avander Promontory, Katsim Peri] - It’s dinner and conversation. And THAT’S IT! Just good food and engaging conversation.⍈

G2:Etan meets Wes [Etan, Wes] - Etan meets Wes [truth in advertising]⍈

H: Special Shipbuilding on the Holodeck [Kammus Corelli, Sasha Johnson, Simon Vomek, Zi Nijal, Toxin Arlill] - The Advanced Ship Design team has authorized a special project, and the engineers relax the way they know best (by working)! ⍈ (They do enjoy a more casual night after in Corelli's quarters)

<shuttle Stark arrives with Tyber>

<Two days since Etan arrival>

J: Dr. Severin and the Orion [Dr. Kel & Lt Salo] - Salo catches Dr. Kel’s alter-ego musician and the two talk of an ill-conceived slave rescue while eating butter chicken.⍈

K: Pandemic at the Disco, er, Sickbay [V’Len Kel, Kesslers, Kammus Corelli, Avander Promontory, Wes Greaves] - The doctor has bad news for the crew who rescued Krystal in Port Coray. Avander has a towel. Everyone has jokes. But they also have a strange new sickness!⍈

L: Wet behind the ears→Rescue mission [Arlill, Tyber, Rox, TK, V’Len, Etan] - Rox impersonates Ossa to get Tyber to do her chores. Tyber checks into sickbay. They bump into Etan and call the Colonel * (At which point, this story takes place concurrently with Story C). When they get a-rescuing they find an old familiar "friend" (read: pirate!)

M: ⤁JOPA Ranks Grow [Jack, Avander, Simon, Rox, Tyber, Toxin, etc.] ⍈

N: Avoid Me Now [Jack, V’Len, Rox, Michele] Jack's Ex's aren't staying in Texas! ⍈